Meet the teams: ELEVATE Batch 6

Meet our four ELEVATE Batch 6 teams: RBI‘s Intrapreneurship team from Romania, Lella from Poland/Canada, and WeDress and Topx from our very own Vienna!

Working with startups through our acceleration program ELEVATE has always been an integral part of what we do at TheVentury. It gives us a chance to pass on our experience in building hypotheses-driven companies and is truly a source of inspiration and learning. Plus, it’s so much fun, we wouldn’t want to miss it for the world – the crazy times included!

Recently, the crazy times have started again. This time, even crazier in a fully remote setting and with one intrapreneurship team on board. We kicked off our Batch #6 on March 1st and are now in the midst of our 5-month long program, working with a bunch of insanely smart people on their companies.

ELEVATE Batch #6 at a Glance:

  • 4 teams
  • 3 of them female-led
  • 3 startups
  • 1 intrapreneurship team
  • 4 exciting industries

Today, we’re happy to introduce our newest additions to the ELEVATE family to you. Our Batch #6 teams and the amazing people behind them. We’re proud to have picked a bunch of passionate, hard-working and all around great people to be part of this year’s batch! So, without further ado: meet our Batch #6 teams!


Country: Poland

Power couple Mary Bratko and Mark Wilson have experienced first-hand how important it is to have the right tribe around when becoming parents. This is why they created a platform to help others find theirs. Lella, a self-care concierge app intelligently matching mamas (and mamas-to-be!) with parenting, wellness, and health/beauty pros, businesses, and brands – any time of day, anywhere in the world. With the collected usage data, Lella helps to create powerfully personalized experiences and recommendations when women need the most specific support – fast.

Mary and Mark keep inspriring us with their passion and committment. We can’t wait to see Lella grow up to it’s potential. And trust us – the potential is huge!

PT Semantics

Country: Austria

After having already founded one successful company for document digitalization, Stephan Tratter, along with his colleague Michael Pisecki, has decided to tackle one more challenge – the huge volume of digital documents lawyers have to face and the significant amount of time that goes into search activities.

With their document retrieval software Topx, they offer legal professionals a simple solution to access contracts and clauses on their own file servers. This allows saving time that is used searching for special clauses –  a process which can take up to several days. This is especially helpful when a very clever clause from a previous contract can be re-used in another contract draft.

Seeing the team working so hard on their idea, while also juggling several other responsibities (including being a kick-ass dad in a family of six) is an inspiration for all of us!


Country: Austria

WeDress Collective is the Airbnb for fashion. The goal is to to extend the life of clothing by making it more accessible. Think about it – the perfect piece, for every occasion, at a fraction of the original price. Meet WeDress Collective – a peer-to-peer fashion rental platform. It offers an easy way to lend and rent your wardrobe, on-demand. The fashion sharing platform, which already operates in Vienna, Berlin & Munich allows members to share clothes and accessories, securely and in seconds.

Based in Vienna, the super passionate founding team, Jasmin Huber and Roman Khassraf, combine an amazing set of skills (and an amazing collection of accessories!). Make sure to check out their growing collection of beautiful clothes and accessories they already have on their platform!

RBI Intrapreneurship Team

Country: Romania

Let’s talk about our intrapreneurship team from RBI. We are insanely excited to have them on board. Because they are the first ever intrapreneuership team to take part in ELEVATE, which is exciting in itself. But mainly, we just love having the four power women from their team around. Oana, Alice, Mihaela and Daniela are not only the ones who will beat us all at karaoke (once that’s possible again). They are also the ones who took on the massive challenge of revolutionizing funding procedures for farmers in CEE.

Stay tuned to learn more about how they are tackling this challenge!

Want to learn more?

Join our Online Demo Day on July 8th!

We cannot wait for you to see all those people perform at our Batch #6 Online Demo Day on July 8th! Make sure to check our website and social media channels for registration and further details.

If you would like to get in touch with one of the teams before that, feel free to reach out to us!


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