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where are you in your innovation journey?


Not sure where you are in the innovation journey?


trends & opportunities

Kickstart your innovation process by looking into trends as well as evaluating a customer/business problem. The main goal in this phase is to have enough ideas ready that lead the path for defining a value proposition in the next phase.

You’re probably asking yourself

  • Which ideas are worth investing in?
  • What trends should I be looking into?
  • Should I enter a new market?
  • What’s driving my customer expectations?


your business model

Having selected an idea, the main goal of this phase is to work out a business model for it, and define exactly which value you want to deliver to your potential customers. You’ll also need to identify any assumptions you’ve made along the way, so you can test them out in the validation phase.

You’re probably asking yourself

  • Will anyone buy my product or service?
  • Who could be my customer?
  • Is this idea going to be financially sustainable?


your hypotheses

90% of innovation projects fail – let’s ensure yours doesn’t.  Time to go out into the real world: translate your assumptions into hypotheses and test them through creating a minimal viable product (MVP) and gaining customer feedback. The goal is to keep minimizing risks while tweaking & adjusting the solution until it works.

You’re probably asking yourself

  • How can I test my idea before making a big investement? 
  • Am I targeting the right customer segment? 
  • Have I found a market for my product or service? 


your venture

Now that you (hopefully) found product-market-fit and have validated your idea, it’s time for growth. Optimize, automate and experiment further. With tools like Growth Marketing, Applied AI & automation techniques, there are no limits to your expansion and building a profitable business. 

You’re probably asking yourself

  • How can I increase conversions?
  • How can I automate processes to increase efficiency?
  • What do I need to get further funding?

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From idea to execution

Our acceleration program ELEVATE helps you to validate your business idea, gain traction and gets you ready for your first customers and investors. ELEVATE combines the expertise of validating ideas with the execution power in the fields of IT-Development and Growth Marketing.

During our 4-month program, we get all our teams together for a few days, where we tackle specific challenges, together with our external & internal mentors

Through ELEVATE, you get access to our investor network. Not only by connecting with them during our bootcamps but also during our Demo Day.

Networking made easy. We understand that you, as a startup founder, have a lot on your plate. The good news is, we love making valuable connections and providing our startups with the support system they need.

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