Meet the teams: Growthbotics

Growthbotics is a chatbot that solves the difficulty of Google Analytics.

November 23rd marked the kick-off of our 2nd Batch of ELEVATE – Europe’s first Bot Accelerator. We really are bursting with excitement about our 5 new teams from 4 different countries and feel thrilled to introduce them to you too. So that’s what we’re going to be doing over the next couple of weeks.

This week, get to know Growthbotics, a chatbot that solves the difficulty of Google Analytics by simpliying and analyzing critical data for B2B industries such as digital marketing agency and Ecommerce.

Wilson Kao, co-founder of Growthbotics from Taipeh, told us about his first experience with a bot and gave his insights in building a chatbot. But read for yourself:

When and how was your first experience with a bot?

My first experience was when I had some issues with login registration for Coinbase, a bitcoin exchange platform, I had to contact their help support which was initially filtered by their customer support chatbot.

Do you have a favorite chatbot?

Woebot, it is a AI NLP (Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Processing) chatbot for mental health patients who prefer talking to robots and in return, the robots provide Cognitive Behavioral Therapy by engaging in conversations.

Why should someone use your solution / What is the problem you are solving?

Anyone who uses Google Analytics and needs knowledge about their website performance can use our chatbot. We are solving the inconvenience, complexity and analytical limitation of GA.

What’s your bot‘s superpower?

AI NLP and Predictive Analysis algorithm. You don’t need to hire a data scientist to predict your business traffic and find business insights, a chatbot can do it for you with substantially lower costs.

Why did you choose Elevate?

It’s the best bot accelerator in the world. I was in another accelerator before and I must add that the people behind ELEVATE are very friendly folks.

What are your expectations for the program?

To find product/market fit and scale enough for VC funding.

Since you are based in Taiwan and came to Vienna specifically for ELEVATE, tell us how you imagined Austria to be and what it turned out to be.

We imagined it to be a romantic city and it turned out to be very romantic indeed. It’s definitely not the same as Germany!

What was the weirdest thing you got to know/do in Austria?

Public toilets are not free!

We are excited to have you in Vienna, Team Growthbotics! (Despite our public toilets not being free.)


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