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ELEVATE Accelerator now open for corporate teams

TheVentury's Accelerator Program ELEVATE is now open for corporates teams, with Raiffeisen Bank International being the first to join.
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Since 2016, we have supported over 20 startups through their initial growth process with our accelerator program ELEVATE. And now, for the first time ever, we have opened ELEVATE to established companies. We are thrilled to have RBI on board for our batch 6 with their intrapreneurship team.

“By opening the Elevate accelerator program to intrapreneurship teams, we will henceforth offer them an agile and inspiring environment to work side by side with young startups on forward-looking ideas and business models,”
– Katharina Binder, Head of Accelerator

At TheVentury we have been supporting both, startups as well as established companies. Through the years we have experienced the parallels between intrapreneurship teams and early-stage startup teams – the similar needs they have in their most intensive growth phase and the common struggles that they face. We realized that including intrapreneurs in an entrepreneurship program will open up a valuable space of learning together and also from each other. While intrapreneurship teams can learn about the entrepreneurial mindset and increase their dynamic capabilities, startups benefit from their organisational know-how and deep industry knowledge. This is why, starting with March this year, we decided to offer selected intrapreneurship teams from large companies the opportunity to immerse into the typical startup environment of ELEVATE.

De-risking innovation

One crucial attribute that corporates are looking for in innovation programs is risk minimization. Innovation is risky at its core, often associated with uncertainty and driven by assumptions. We help to derive facts from the underlying assumptions of a business model thorough testing and validation. This way, we take risk out of the implementation of innovation projects and allow a solid foundation for such investments.

With our 4-month-program, we have found a way to support the development of new technological solutions in a resource-efficient way – and all that in an inspiring start-up environment with the help of agile processes and external know-how.

First to join:
Raiffeisen Bank International

F.l.t.r.: Maximilan Unger, Nicole Stroj (RBI), Aleksandra Petkov-Georgieva (RBI) and Katharina Binder

We are happy to have RBI on board and to support them in their journey of becoming the most innovative financial services provider on the market. Since March, RBI’s intrapreneurship team has been working alongside three tech startups, attending bootcamp sessions and working on their prototype with the hands-on support of our experts. The goal is to complete the program with a  tested and marketable MVP – a new financial solution in the agricultural sector.

“We are pleased to further drive our innovation efforts together with our partner TheVentury. Innovation is an essential part of our strategy and will help RBI to continuously and sustainably improve and optimize the customer experience”
– Nicole Stroj, Head of Organisational Innovation at RBI

Read the full press release (german only) here.

Batch #7 planned in September 2021

The next batch of ELEVATE will start in September 2021, with the second round now open to three corporates and six startups. All information about ELEVATE and pre-registration can be found here.


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