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Are you open to exploring new creative and disruptive opportunities for your organization? Then Venture Building could be the right vehicle for you.

two types of innovation




Here, due to predefined hierarchies & processes in your corporate structure, your focus tends to lie more on efficiency and operational excellence


Venture Building, however, allows you to explore new opportunities and markets outside your structures and in an environment built for change and uncertainty.

How Venture Building enables you to explore

It enables you to be more experiment driven, learning what works and doesn’t work in a short period of time

Setting up a dedicated team outside the core of your organization, reduces complexity & bureaucracy

The startup-like setup enables the dedicated team to be truly agile and fast. 

By partnering up with experienced entrepreneurs, you can bring the right the mindset to the entire on board

Partnering up with TheVentury

Pulling in the right partner can allow you to build a dedicated team for your new venture, which can act outside the core organization, decreasing dependencies on your existing structures. We can support you with exactly that. 

Combining 2 worlds

Working with both, startups and corporates, we understand the different perspectives and what it takes to innovate in both environments.

Founders in the team

Many of our employees have founded their own companies and/or worked in early-stage startups. 

30 portfolio companies

In the past years, we co-founded nearly 30 startups and managed to learn a lot about different industries.

Understanding the environment

As an innovation agency that offers various innovation vehicles, we know how to choose the right one for every challenge and understand the corporate dynamics, politics and needs.

our approach


Joint success

When founding new ventures, we like to distribute the risk between us and our partners and systematically try to minimize it by applying our hypothesis-driven approach. By having skin in the game, we put ourselves in the same boat and are also able to share success.


“In TheVentury we found the perfect co-founder. They know what they’re doing, they ask the right questions and created the ideal team for our shared venture!”

Martin Eicher
Leitung Marketing & Innovation | Ottakringer
Venture Partner ADD TO WATER

Martin Eicher

Leitung Marketing & Innovation | Ottakringer
Venture Partner ADD TO WATER


Our latest Venture

With ADD TO WATER, we combine two worlds to achieve one common goal: innovation for the beverage market.

How can we make drinking water more enjoyable? How can we help people drink more water?

The answer: Individual flavour combinations for greater variety when drinking water. Together with Ottakringer, we are developing ADD TO WATER to revolutionise water consumption with fruity, natural aromas.

The mission: Drink with Joy!

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