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Growth Marketing

Digital marketing strategy

New website

Project Management



Innovation Management

Introduction of automation

Chatbot solution

Reduced churn rate

Proof of concept

Austrian Airlines

Innovation Management

Proof of concept for chatbot

Bot could handle FAQs

Reduction of response time

Pioneer project in bots


Software & Data Engineering

Implemented payment system

Trained team members

Developed cash register

From MVP to scalable stack

Pocket Sky

pocket sky

Growth Marketing

Kickstarter Campaign

Goal reached within 5 hours

Created a momentum

Effective storytelling

Sign Time

Data & Software Engineering

Setup agile teams

Recruitment of developers

Quiz app “Hands-up”

Exhibition in Vienna


Growth Marketing

Matching <> jobs

Viral Facebook Campaign

Higher click-through-rate

1500 reactions


Data & Software Engineering

Jointly developed prototype

Investment secured

Virtual Reality

Record 3D enviroments


Growth Marketing

Facebook campaign

Decreased cost / purchase

Successful re-targeting

Social media support


Data & Software Engineering

Collaborating since 2012

Developed the platform

Clean user interface

E-Learning app


Data & Software Engineering

AI based chatbot solution

Real time responses

Integration of virtual assistant

FAQ answered automatically

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We are happy to provide Growth Marketing, Data & Software Engineering and Innovation Management services to our clients. Sometimes, we gladly take upon the challenge to help our client with a mix of those services. Have a look at our entire portfolio and let us know about your current challenge, so we can provide you a custom solution!

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