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Introduction to Validation Experiments
Learn how to get started with experimenting to validate your idea and how to choose the right path for your needs.
How Adding a Mental Fitness Routine Will Boost Your Workplace Productivity
Here are three reasons how practicing mindfulness can positively influence productivity, mental health and happiness at the workplace.
3 Marketing Automations You Should Definitely Try
Looking for ways to make your marketing and sales efforts more efficient? Here are 3 areas, in which you can easily automate your daily tasks....
3 Things No One Tells You About Innovation Management
Everyone likes sharing about their innovation endeavours and pretending it’s a smooth process. But what are the things that no one talks about? Experienced Innovation...
A Beginner’s Guide to Information Architecture
What is Information Architecture, why is it important and how to do it right? Here’s everything you need to know, explained by UX/UI Designer Antonia...

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The Innovation Validation Blueprint

Find out how to tell the difference between a profitable idea and one that isn’t.

How to make innovation happen

A proven 4-phase approach to help you execute innovation projects.

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There are a lot of challenges when you decide to develop a cross-functional and company wide intrapreneurship program. One of the most challenging things in this year’s program however was to design it in a fully remote but highly engaging way.


Despite these circumstances, it was important to work on the selected innovation topics with the teams in the given timeframe of 10 weeks, to learn methods such as design thinking, and to coach the teams individually to achieve their best performance.


We supported rotable not only in developing their proof-of-concept through the offered execution support, but could give them much more: a community to learn & exchange with, connections to relevant stakeholders and critical founder & team-leading knowledge.

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