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The Visual AI Revolution
TheVentury’s Art Director Stefan Huber shares the latest advances in AI image generators and the implications for designers & artists.
What is A/B Testing? A complete guide on how to get started.
Here is all you need to know about A/B testing, including helpful tools & insider tips by Miriam Boubachta, Head of Growth.
Customer Discovery Explained
Test your hypotheses early to improve your understanding of your venture!
4 Best Practices Venture Builders Can Steal From Startup Founders
Christoph Hornik, Innovation Manager & Founder, shares how his entrepreneurial experience helps him in venture building projects.
Introduction to Validation Experiments
Learn how to get started with experimenting to validate your idea and how to choose the right path for your needs.

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The Innovation Validation Blueprint

Find out how to tell the difference between a profitable idea and one that isn’t.

How to make innovation happen

A proven 4-phase approach to help you execute innovation projects.