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Executing innovation – more than theory and pretty slides
Great ideas are born all the time. Learn how to turn them into a competitive sustainable advantage by executing innovation.
How to test your assumptions – experimenting the right way
Here is how to choose between qualitative and quantitative experiments and avoid the most common mistakes when testing your hypotheses.
Design Thinking – approaching problems from your users’ point of view
Design thinking – the crowning discipline of solving problems. How to apply it, about the double diamond and why it is all about perspective.
Idea validation: how to quickly test if your idea is stupid or not
Validating your idea and talking to customers is a crucial first step to ensure there is a market need for your product or service.
Intrapreneurship programs: best practices, strategies and considerations
Recently Max Unger, Head of Corporate Innovation at TheVentury, supported students of the Institute for Strategic Management at the Vienna University of Economics as an...

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There are a lot of challenges when you decide to develop a cross-functional and company wide intrapreneurship program. One of the most challenging things in this year’s program however was to design it in a fully remote but highly engaging way.


Despite these circumstances, it was important to work on the selected innovation topics with the teams in the given timeframe of 10 weeks, to learn methods such as design thinking, and to coach the teams individually to achieve their best performance.


We supported rotable not only in developing their proof-of-concept through the offered execution support, but could give them much more: a community to learn & exchange with, connections to relevant stakeholders and critical founder & team-leading knowledge.

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Along with offering our very own Growth Hacker’s Certification in collaboration with the FH Technikum, we have the pleasure to also share our knowledge by teaching at various universites. Education plays a vital role for us, as it enables us to empower the innovators of the future and equip them with the right tools, methodologies and mindset.


FH Wien der WKO


“Basics of Business Informatics”

“SQL & Relational Databases”

“Basics of SEO & SEA”



“Digital Content Prototyping”

“How To Build a Chatbot”

index 2


“How To Start a Startup”

TU Logo


“Basics of Business Informatics”

“SQL & Relational Databases”

“Basics of SEO & SEA”

Institut für Strategie, Technologie und Orga, WU logo


“Growth Hacking Introduction”

FH St. Pölten


“Growth & Viral Marketing”


Become a Certified Growth Hacker

Data Driven Marketing

The Certified Growth Hacker program provides you with all the essentials, tools and frameworks to get started as Growth Hacker or bring your marketing game to the next level. You can either participate in all 9 courses and receive the certification from us or simply attend one or more of the offered seminars.