Leverage your innovation potential through Intrapreneurship.

We support organizations with cultural transformation to make innovation happen.

time for a new spark?

Awaken your hidden potential

Your employees are full of ideas! Implementing an intrapreneurship program allows you to leverage this potential, to drive innovation from the very heart of your organization. All while fostering an innovative mindset in all your teams.


A few more reasons why Intrapreneurship could make sense for you

Productive Innovation

No innovation theater: Explore new products & services to develop new revenue streams & business models.

Cultural Transformation

If you want to create a shift in people’s mindsets, Intra-preneurs are the key to create the environment you need.

Attract Talent

Intrapreneurs become your innovation advocates for potential employees. Make your organization more attractive.

Empower In-House Talent

People that are the closest to the problems usually have the best ideas how to solve them. Why not enable them?

our approach

The 5 building blocks of Intrapreneurship

Our proven, end-to-end method will guide you through the entire process — from preparing your program launch, all the way to supporting your intrapreneurship teams to test and scale their ideas.

Partnering up with TheVentury

Our team of experts from areas like innovation, growth, and software are perfectly suited to support your program. From the initial setup, to prototyping and scaling your projects.

Proven track record

We have successfully run multiple intrapreneuership programs with clients in a variety of industries

Founding experience

Many of our employees have founded their own companies and/or worked in early-stage startups. 

Combining two worlds

Working with both, startups and corporates, we understand the different perspectives and what it takes to innovate within an established organization.

Understanding corporate dynamics

As an innovation agency that offers various innovation vehicles, we know how to choose the right one for every challenge and understand the corporate environment, politics and needs.

“Our intrapreneurship program deserves special mention. Together with TheVentury, we created the optimal framework for developing our in-house ideas into future-oriented market solutions.”

Peter Schindlecker

Peter Schindlecker

Head of Open Innovation 

Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)

Peter Schindlecker

Peter Schindlecker

Head of Open Innovation 

Österreichische Bundesbahnen (ÖBB)


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