Developing an interactive experience for the Hands Up exhibition with Equalizent to make learning about sign language engaging and fun.


Redeveloping Signtime’s translator SiMax and developing the Hands-Up App to help make the world accessible to deaf people.


Marketing strategy development and optimization of the website have helped DasUmzugsteam to gain 50% more users through organic search.

Austrian Airlines

Together with Austrian Airlines, we developed the MyAustrian Messenger Bot to help customers with frequently asked questions.


Developing a simple web tool that provides a visual representation of capital data and insights on payment behaviour and benchmarking data.


Creating an integrated digital shopping and payment app – from idea to testing – as part of the RBI Intrapreneurship Program.


Accelerating from prototype to product-market fit by combining methodology and execution in technology, growth & innovation.


We supported the job platform for parents Superheldin to get more brand awareness by launching a viral Facebook ad campaign.

pocket sky

We supported Pocket Sky by launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and reached our goal within less than 5 hours.


Supporting rotable with their first proof of concept by simplifying the complexity of cross-hospital clinical rotation scheduling.