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10 experiment types to validate your idea

Running experiments is a fast and cheap way to test your assumptions in reality. This hands-on guide with our favourite experimentation methods will help you choose the most suitable one and execute it successfully.

Executing new ideas comes with a lot of unanswered questions and risks. But there is a way to tackle these uncertainties, before investing into something that won’t sell.

The process of validation lets you gather evidence and learn about the desirability, viability & feasibility of your product, service or feature. You do that by experimenting and talking to your potential users.

Don’t know where to start? Our test cards describe when to use which method, as well as how to best run the experiment in three simple steps. Featuring helpful tips & tricks to better guide you in choosing and executing the right one.

Start de-risking your business ideas and taking informed decisions through hypotheses testing & validation. Download the free guide and find out how!

10 experiment types to validate your idea


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