Navigating The Future:

How To Leverage
Consumer Trends In 2023

Learn how to spot and work with consumer trends in 2023 & get inspired by real examples of trend-driven innovations with our latest report.

Find out what consumer trends are, why they matter for your business and how you can turn them into a competitive advantage. This report provides inspiration as well as guidance into the world of trend-driven innovation to help you kickstart your strategic planning season.
With the help of the trend intelligence platform Amplify, we put together three consumer trends that everyone should have on their radar in 2023. You’ll also find real-life examples of innovations based on those trends that will help you better understand how to apply theory to practice.


  • Learn how to successfully spot, identify & work with trends to stay ahead of the curve
  • Understand the key aspects of consumer needs and expectations
  • Find inspiration in the real examples of companies who leveraged emerging trends to create innovations
  • Find out how trend-driven innovation can help your business in 3 actionable steps
  • Get tools reccommendations that will help you get the most out of trends

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Leveraging Consumer Trends in 2023 + Examples of Trend-Driven Innovation


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