Never Skip the Prototype

The most efficient & risk-free way to build products

If you’re a CTO or a product owner, join us as we go through an entire prototyping journey from start to finish. Learn the newest approaches, ask our experts questions and find out how to apply it all to your product! And most importantly, why it’s a step in product development, that should never be skipped.

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Why you should watch

Prototyping is an integral part of product development that lets you gather valuable insights into your customers and your product before going all-in with the full implementation. And yet it’s a budget line that is too often deprioritized or even ignored entirely in a bid to get the product launched faster.  

Join us for an engaging session as our experts guide you through the process of building a prototype — step by step — providing practical and actionable tips, and explaining why this is a step that should never be skipped.

the speaker

Sarah Luczanich

Sarah Luczanich is a UX/UI Designer at the Viennese innovation agency TheVentury. She has been designing interfaces since 2016 and completed a bachelor’s in Digital Design.

the speaker

Julian Koßmann

Julian Koßmann is a growth hacker and software developer at the Viennese innovation agency TheVentury. Since 2019 he has been supporting startups and established companies in initial growth and scaling.

With a technical background and enthusiasm for marketing, Julian has specialized in finding and implementing technical solutions for business growth, as well as building and prototyping new digital products. In addition, he enjoys sharing his experience in workshops and lecture series, both on and offline.

the speaker

Stephan Tratter

Stephan Tratter co-founded TREVENTUS Mechatronics GmbH in 2004, specializing in innovative hardware and software for mass digitization of books and documents worldwide. Their ScanRobot® bookscanner and ScanGate® software gained international recognition and won the prestigious European Innovation Grand Prize.

In 2020, Stephan co-founded PT Semantics, a LegalTech startup focusing on “topx™,” a local search engine for legal documents. He actively participated in various incubators and programs, including INiTS Incubator, LegalTech Hub Vienna, and ELEVATE – The Ventury. His latest project, idiPaga™, aims to digitize and automate debt and dunning processes in Italy.

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