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Best Practices in
Corporate Influencer Programs

Why you should watch

Everybody has a story to tell. Learn why it is especially important today to empower your colleagues and experts in your team to communicate actively with their networks. Their story and their perspectives drive your brand forward. But it needs to be harnessed, supported and empowered.

Learn how to actively shape such empowerment initiatives to transform your employees into corporate influencers.

In this webinar, we’ll also answer these questions:

  • Why should your team communicate?
  • What are some success factors for such corporate influencer programs?
  • How do you pick the right participants?
  • How do you measure the impact?


Content expert Josef Gasteiger will walk you through his 8 tips for creating successful corporate influencer programs, and guest speaker Eva-Maria Meyr, Global Director of Employer Branding at Dynatrace, will share her first-hand experience from the dual perspective of a program participant and her leadership position.

the speaker

Josef Gasteiger

Josef Gasteiger is a Growth Marketer at TheVentury and spent his last 10 years consulting smaller and larger brands as well as personalities in digital marketing. As a cross-functional digital expert he combines communication and marketing initiatives with innovation methods. He supports companies in a broad range of industries – from retail through FMCG, health and heavy industry to NGOs – to go their next step in the digital universe.  

In doing so, he consulted CEOs and leaders of national and international companies on their digital reputation, as well as set up countless brand ambassador programs and corporate influencer trainings on how to strengthen your personal brand. 

the guest speaker

Eva-Maria Meyr

Eva-Maria Meyr is the Director of Employer Branding and Communications at Dynatrace, with a wealth of experience in developing and scaling Employer Brands in fast-paced, hyper-growth (tech-) environments. With a background in IT, marketing, branding, digital business, and communications, Eva-Maria is deeply convinced that people make a difference in this world. She is dedicated to showcasing the success of people-centered organizations in the long run.

Eva-Maria strongly advocates for the power of Company/Employer Brand Ambassadors and the role they can play in building and promoting employer brand awareness. With her vision of transforming work environments into people environments, Eva-Maria is committed to empowering and enabling Dynatrace’s people to become the “real” voice of Dynatrace. She will share insights both as an Employer Branding leader and from a participant’s point of view.