Meet our 5 ELEVATE Batch 4 startups: eSwapp from the UK, Superheldin from Germany, Hireflows from Greece, Freilich Open Arts from our very own Vienna & Pipo from Brazil

Working with startups through our acceleration program ELEVATE is an integral part of what we do at TheVentury. It helps us to keep up to date on the newest technologies and gives us a chance to pass on our experience in building hypotheses-driven companies. Plus, it’s so much fun, we wouldn’t want to miss it for the world – the crazy times included!

Recently, the crazy times have started again: we kicked off our Batch #4 on July 9th and are now in the midst of our 5-month long program, working with a bunch of insanely smart people on their companies.

ELEVATE Batch #4 at a Glance:
  • 5 startups
  • 4 of them female-led
  • 3 of them HR-tech
  • 2 in the community building/sharing field
  • 1 team to support them

Today, we’re happy to introduce our newest additions to the ELEVATE family to you. Our Batch #4 startups and the amazing people behind them. We’re proud to have picked a bunch of passionate, hard-working and all around great people to be part of this year’s batch! So, without further ado: meet our Batch #4 startups!


Led by the incredibly determined Uyen Ngo and Ghazal Diani, eSwapp is a mobile application for skill swapping. This could mean swapping design service for piano lessons. The company is using Machine Learning to encourage human interaction. Their three-layer mathematical modelling includes predictive learning to discover hidden talents. (Hidden talents like Uyen’s & Ghazal’s Karaoke talents, as we were able to discover on our last Bootcamp night in July!) The team combines brilliant individuals, experts in various areas, the Bayes Theorem (and explaining it with cake – how much better can it get?). Before meeting this team, we had never EVER met somebody as excited about maths as Sophie Carr, eSwapp’s Machine Learning advisor


Country: Germany

When Sandra Westermann was fired while on maternal leave after having her kid, she was shocked about how some companies treated parents, and especially mothers. She ended up finding a flexible full-time job and realized that there are family friendly companies out there. There just wasn’t a place for parents to meet and find these companies. Coming from an entrepreneurial family, she decided to do something about it.

So, she started Superheldin: The job platform aims to use matching algorithms to bring together family-friendly businesses with mothers (and fathers) who find it difficult to find a job, especially after parental leave.

Seeing Sandra growing her business in record time while being a kickass mom and traveling back and forth between Munich and Vienna is an inspiration for all of us!


Country: Greece

Hireflows is an HR selection software aiming to find the right person for every job position more accurately and easily using predictive analytics. HireFlows’s AI matching technology pairs job and candidate profiles.

Working in the family business, Olga Konstantakopoulou realized how time-consuming recruiting is and decided to end this by working on her very own solution. The Hireflows team & Olga, who is a recent addition to Greece’s Forbes 30 under 30 list, have so far already onboarded clients & partners in Greece and Japan.

We can’t wait to see what heights the Hireflows team will be pushing the company to in the future.

Freilich Open Arts

Country: Austria

Freilich is your Airbnb for personal art events. Their vision is to empower the world’s creative minds. By developing a matching algorithm, they are connecting art lovers with artists and people who would like to host a concert in their homes.

Based in Austria, the super passionate team of music lovers and true entertainers behind Freilich is already a fixed part of the TheVentury office, broadening our art horizon by taking us to outdoor concerts and art studios. And we have to say: we’re loving the creativity.

And for everybody who would like to know what a Freilich Art Event is like: we’re hosting our first one this week, Friday 23rd – get in touch if you would like to be part of it, too!


Country: Brazil

Let’s talk about the first Brazilian startup we have ever had in our Batch: Pipo is building conversations between companies searching for the best talent and people looking to grow their potential in driven enterprises. Through a bot builder customized interface for HR, Pipo is helping to bridge the gap between automatization and human-touch.

Travelling between Brazil and Austria every month, Fred Gallo, one of the co-founders of Pipo, is the one working with us for the next couple of months. Taking a step back from the daily grind in Sao Paolo has allowed him to come up with new solutions, as well as practice his Karaoke performance at our end of bootcamp Karaoke event.

What can we say, people? We train our startups well in every aspect!

Next step – Reunion on August 21st!

We cannot wait to see all those people again on August 21st and work intensely on topics like Product Management, Prototyping or Sales.

If you are now thinking you definitely need to get in touch with one of them, feel free to reach out to us! Plus, let us know if you want to join our Freilich concert!