Program Details

Dates Batch #4*

*Dates and Timings are subject to change

Bootcamp #1: 09. – 12. July 2019
  • Validation as a science
  • Applying lean
  • Hackathon
Bootcamp #2: 21. – 23. August 2019
  • Product Development
  • Growth Hacking / Pirate Metrics / AAARRR
  • User Experience & Legal
Bootcamp #2: 18. – 20. September 2019
  • Pitch Training & Storytelling
  • Financials
  • Fundraising & Investor Relations
Bootcamp #3: 16. – 17. October 2019
  • HR
  • Mentors’ Day
Bootcamp #4 & Demo Day: 20. – 22. November 2019
  • Pitch Training & Fine-Tuning
  • Demo Day

You are a right fit, if you're working in one of these fields:

Natural language understanding

Process written and spoken language into machine actions

• Create chatbots
• Language translation
• Sentiment analysis

Image processing

Extract actionable information from complex image data

• Identify objects
• Comprehend Content
• Locate defects

Data connections

Find optimal connections and recommendations in your data

• Connect resources, people, tasks, and jobs
• Suggest the next best action
• Connect customers to vendors


Data Insights

Translate complex data into clear metrics

• Effectively visualize data
• Utilize Predictive maintenance
• Cluster social media posts
• Flag nonconforming data

Business Optimization

Improve business processes through smart algorithms

• Optimize scheduling
• Automate tasks
• Optimize warehousing

AI at the Edge

The most interesting AI applications happen at the edge of the unknown.

We are always looking for those use cases.
Let us know where we can venture together!

Demo Day Livestream

What we covered in Batch #3


Kick-Off Breakfast: Meet the Austrian Startup Community
Social Activity: Vienna City Tour
Workshop: Validation as a Science – The Lean Canvas



Workshop: Pitchtraining 1-Liner with Michael Buchecker, bizcoach
Quantitative Hypothesis Testing
Growth Hacking 101


Workshop: Customer/Buying Persona
Workshop: Qualitative Hypothesis Testing
Social Activity: Movie Night



Hackathon: Set up your Experiments

– 1 Month of intense Customer Development –


Roasting Session: Present your Lean Canvas
Workshop: Agile Software Development with Christoph Bitzner, TheVentury
Workshop: UI/UX with Natalie Korotaeva, Facebook Developer Circles Vienna
Evening Event: Dinner with the Slack Developer Relations Team


Workshop: Design Basics with Aku Zettl-Singh
Founder Story: Oliver Lukesch from Avuba
Workshop: Legal with Johannes Justin, RPCK


Workshop: Growth Hacking & Growth Hacking Canvas with Adrian Zettl-Singh, TheVentury
Workshop: Sales with Maximilian Unger, TheVentury

– 1 Month of Work and execution by your experts –


Workshop: Pitchtraining with Michael Buchecker, bizcoach
Roasting Session: Demo Day Pitch


Workshop: Fundraising Secrets with Florian Kandler,
Workshop: Storytelling with Juan Guerra, Skills of Life
Investor Meetings: Speedinvest


Workshop: Financial Planning with Eva Arh, capital300
Workshop: Slide Deck & One Pager for Investors

Evening Event: Pitchtraining Vienna with Juan Guerra, Skills of Life

– 1 Month of Work and execution by your experts –


Roasting Session: Demo Day Pitch
Mentor Sessions: 


Mentor Sessions: Individual Office Hours
Investor Meeting: PUSH Ventures
Workshop: HR & Recruiting with Marco Quége, MercuriUrval

– 1 Month of Work and execution by your experts –


Roasting Session: Demo Day Pitch
Workshop: Intro to Investor Relations Tool
Last Session: Recap & Goal Setting


Demo & Corporate Day:
Pitch your Business to Investors and Potential Customers

Afterparty: Bye Bye Batch #3

What happens next?

We are co-founders, so you’ll always have an open ear & advice with us, but you can also choose to take this further and collaborate with TheVentury as part of a follow-up program. Approaching the end of ELEVATE, we will determine what it is you need exactly and how we can support you in that.

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