Work with the brightest minds in the business to take your bot from prototype to product-market-fit in 6 months!

For Batch #1 we picked 4 teams to join the ELEVATE program in Vienna, Austria. And we can tell you – they are awesome!
Batch #1 kicks off with quite an international turnout: we welcome teams from Vienna, Munich and Mumbai! Starting off with a simple protoype, these 4 teams reached product-market-fit after only 6 months. This was possible thanks to the incredible help of our local heroes and international mentors. The monthly meetups helped the teams to focus and get advice on topics such as busines planning, financials or testing & security.
During these quite intense months, we had  a lot of time get to know the creative minds behind the great Bot ideas
– and we think you should meet them too!


IconicBot is a Fan Management Tool for public figures like artists, musicians, athletes, TV personalities, social media influencers and more. It helps them to distribute and analyse content and monetize their bot efforts. It offers engagement and monetization tools for Facebook Messenger and therewith connects icons and fans in just a few seconds.


Jingle reinvents local shopping by bringing consumers and retailers together for the sale of a physical product. It helps local retailers expand their product reach while relieving them of the fuss involved in building and maintaining an e-commerce platform. Jingle enables them to target a wider audience and to support their offline sales with a professional online presence.


Selly sells your used stuff for you. People often don’t want to bother with selling their stuff on their own, then keep it and eventually even throw it away. The bot automates the selling process to create a convenient solution that is affordable and scalable. Selly will make sustainability more convenient.

Toni redefines fan engagement. Toni the football chatbot is a personal assistant that gives you information about the games of the major European football leagues.  He can send daily roundups of games or previews, as well as live notifications during games. He might also give you a hint on which team he thinks will win. During ELEVATE, the business model of Toni was expanded to – a platform for white-label sports chatbots.

What's the program like?

Weekly office hours, face-to-face meetings with mentors and coaches, hands-on execution in coding, marketing & growth hacking and monthly Meetups with the brightest minds in the bot scene!

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Applications for Batch #4 open again January 17th, 2019.

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Applications for Batch #4 are opening January 17th.

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