Meet our Alumni

From Idea to Execution

We kicked off ELEVATE in 2017 and have since worked with 21 startups as part of this acceleration program. If you are interested in connecting to them, feel free to reach out to us!

A powerful image recognition software that helps shops and restaurants to automatically detect stock shortages, understand their customers better, and prevent security incidents. All without using facial recognition.

Making the process of creating and producing music easy & intuitive, without having to go into the depths of music theory.

Empowering HR departments to support their new graduate employees and expats in finding homes fast and easy, thus improving employee productivity & mental wellbeing.

Saving hospital-groups up to 216 hours a week with a SAAS-solution for the HR & clinical rotation management in healthcare facilities.


Superheldin GmbH operates a specialised job platform that aims to match family-friendly employers with highly qualified mothers (and fathers) in the German labor market. The focus is on flexible working time models. The founder is the former TV production manager Sandra Westermann, who herself is the mother of a small daughter and understands the needs of mothers and companies through her own horizon of experience.

Freilich Open Arts has been connecting up-and-coming artists with art enthusiasts. With the help of an online platform developed in 2018, the organisation of art events in private spaces is automated and made possible internationally. Building on the idea of shared economy, artists gain access to performance opportunities, a new audience, and a lack of resources. Art lovers can visit exclusive events and thus personally experience and support artists.


HireFlows is an HR software that helps companies finds the best candidate for each job description using predictive analytics and smart algorithms. It is committed to minimizing costs and time spent on the pre-screening stage whilst reducing hiring biases and creating accurate candidate profiling. HireFlows is a female driven startup with a mission to promote an efficient and transparent approach in hiring.

Pipo is a Brazilian HR Tech startup specialized in recruitment. Through an innovative approach to talent acquisition, Pipo helps companies of any size attract, chat and select the best candidates by generating hyper-targeted job ads on social media and chatbots to pre-screen applicants. Pipo has experimented a fast learning curve, having validated its MVP with big brands such as Itaú, Danone and Natura – for whose its chatbots interviewed over 25 thousand applicants in less than 4 months.


For colleagues who like to acquire and share skills with each other, eSwapp provides an online platform powered by Machine Learning to find optimal matches for skill swapping, such as swapping IT skills for marketing skills. We were one of 14 companies on British government mission to the Netherlands on Artificial Intelligence. We use AI to encourage human interaction in real life, and are establishing ourselves as an expert in one-on-one knowledge transfer.

AI powered Financial Intelligence.
Xencio is the world’s first automated cash-based accounting system. Using powerful algorithms, Xencio understands where their users’ money is coming from and where it is going, meaning not only can it be automatically categorized, but it can also identify when they may run into cashflow issues.

EASTCODE – The bridge between Western ideas and Eastern solutions.
Having realized the IT outsourcing project failure rate of 60%, Eastcode developed a solution to counteract this trend. Eastcode provides a platform to match companies in need of software development with the best fitting software agencies.

EspressoLabs builds applications for smart devices like Google Home to be used as a virtual concierge in a hotel room. The startups is providing a solution that is capable of understanding multiple languages and instantly notifying the relevant person in the local language.

ibindo is a personal, digital assistant on FB messenger for people with lovesickness, using a combination of therapeutic expertise and natural language processing to create the experience of a therapeutic conversation for the user.

Personal tutoring. Anytime. Everywhere.
Chooter is an education platform which uses artificial intelligence techniques to produce the absolute best course possible and help students prepare for university admission tests. The project started as a way to give students a way to practice for tests for which there were a lack of resources.

IconicBot is a Fan Management Tool for public figures like artists, musicians, athletes, TV personalities, social media influencers and more. It helps them to distribute and analyse content and monetise their bot efforts. It offers engagement and monetisation tools for Facebook Messenger and connects icons and fans in just a few seconds.

Jingle reinvents local shopping by bringing consumers and retailers together for the sale of a physical product. It helps local retailers expand their product reach while relieving them of the fuss involved in building and maintaining an e-commerce platform. Jingle enables them to target a wider audience and to support their offline sales with a professional online presence. redefines fan engagement. Toni the football chatbot is a personal assistant that gives you information about the games of the major European football leagues.  He can send daily roundups of games or previews, as well as live notifications during games. He might also give you a hint on which team he thinks will win. During ELEVATE, the business model of Toni was expanded to – a platform for white-label sports chatbots.

Selly sells your used stuff for you. People often don’t want to bother with selling their stuff on their own, then keep it and eventually even throw it away. The bot automates the selling process to create a convenient solution that is affordable and scalable. Selly will make sustainability more convenient. is your autonomous AI system Administrator. Avoid your daily painful tasks. Check out our revolutionary software for autonomous IT infrastructure operations!

Botplan is going after a $6 Billion Real Estate Leads market with its white label B2B2C Chatbot that converts online traffic to leads using a soft sale approach.

*Acquired by in July 2018

Polaama is a platform for tour operators in the travel industry to increase direct bookings through effective customer engagement. We offer a personalised chatbot that generates high conversion qualified leads through engaging small talk with customers.