Work with the brightest minds in the business to take your bot from prototype to product-market-fit in 6 months!

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Applications for Batch #3 open April 6, 2018

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Why is ELEVATE awesome?

ELEVATE combines TheVentury’s expertise of building, marketing and scaling startups with hands-on tech know-how of designing, building and marketing bots into one acceleration program.

ELEVATE’s motto is “Acceleration Through Execution”!

We think the best way to accelerate early-stage-startups is hands-on support to develop an amazing product that works for its users.


You get hands-on time from experts:

Get 160 hours of hands-on marketing & growth hacking support from our experts

Get 160 hours of hands-on coding support from senior developers

Get 100 hours of coaching & mentoring by international top experts

Go from prototype to product-market-fit in 6 months!

And Resources:

5,000€ for travel expenses, formation of company, etc.

Possibility to use office space

Support in building your pitch deck, coaching and pitch training

All teams accepted to ELEVATE will be part of FBStart from Facebook and Amazon Activate

And even more:

Support by University research teams

Contacts to investors

Contacts to corporates in your relevant field

Goodies from our sponsors

In return for all the services above, we usually take 8% equity. This guarantees our interest and commitment to your startup and your success.

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Work with amazing Mentors & Coaches like...

Amir Shevat

Greg Leuch

Prashant Pitti

Peter Buchroithner

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Please don’t hesitate to contact us at any time if:

  • You’re a startup and want to talk about the equity deal and other options
  • You want to become a sponsor or otherwise involved in ELEVATE
  • You want to become a mentor, coach or expert
  • You’ve got some valuable feedback

Elevate for corporates

To get a minimum viable product out there earliest possible is an approach that is mostly lived within the Startup ecosystem but can be the crucial factor for a successful product launch in the corporate world as well.

Are you a corporate interested in sending a team to participate in Elevate?