Eastcode aims at becoming “The bridge between western ideas and eastern solutions.”

Their goal is to help western companies with outsourcing their work into the east – their coding work to be precise. CEO David and CTO Mike saw the potential in the eastern European market and match their clients with their perfect partner.

Validation at ELEVATE- batch 3

They themselves recently matched with ELEVATE – as one of batch’s 3 contestants. In our interview they talked about the first month, the struggles of validation and how they wanted to make their website stand out.

As a reminder: The first month was all about validation – Building an MVP and approaching customers to receive feedback. That is usually already the first point of traction: People usually don’t enjoy receiving phone calls to answer questions.

Yet, David and Mike pulled through and talked with clients and potential clients about various topics:

What are their needs? What pained them when searching for coders? What did they think went well in the cooperation? What did not work out?

This is all important information to put into validation in order to create a suiting product. And, even though David had to accept lots of rejections he managed to gather valuable data. (Which is what we are all about)

Contacting Eastcode is fun

If you want to contact a company you are bound to use a contact form. And, let’s face it: Those are usually pretty boring; an issue Mike is aware of. Yet not having one is absolutely indisputable – you have to gather as much information as possible, especially when planning to match companies based on said information. That is why he tried to combine Eastcode’s appealing design with the functionalities of a contact form. And what can I say?

The madman did it. Take a look for yourselves https://eastcode.eu/compliance. You might be impressed.