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“TheVentury not only added value by optimizing our existing campaigns but also by exploring new growth channels such as E-Mail Marketing and Instagram to acquire new customers.”

Gunther Michl
Co-Founder | Alfies

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Conversion Rate Optimization / Website Audit

Want to turn more visitors into leads or customers? Our team of experts will conduct a thorough review of your website to identify opportunities for improvement.

What is included

  • Review of your website’s analytics to understand your current user behavior and conversion metrics
  • Analysis of your website’s design, layout, and user experience
  • Evaluation of your website’s messaging and calls-to-action
  • Review of your website’s social proof and trust signals
  • Assessment of your website’s speed and mobile responsiveness

Paid Audit

Find out if your current paid campaigns are delivering optimal results on platforms such as Google, Facebook, Instagram, TikTok or LinkedIn?

What is included

  • Full analysis of your ad account and campaigns
  • Identification of underperforming campaigns and improvement areas
  • Targeting and ad copy analysis
  • Optimization recommendations for each platform
  • Bidding strategy and budget allocation analysis
  • Recommendations for future campaigns and your paid channel strategy

SEO Audit

Want to increase organic traffic to your website?

Our SEO Audit is designed to provide you with a comprehensive review and analysis of your website’s SEO performance, and identify areas for improvement.

What is included

  • Analysis of your website’s structure and navigation
  • Evaluation of your current keyword strategy and opportunities for improvement
  • Analysis of your website’s content, including meta tags and headings
  • Evaluation of your backlink profile, including link authority and anchor text
  • Assessment of any technical issues that may impact your search engine visibility

Social Media Audit

Our expert team will analyze your social media presence across platforms and provide recommendations for improving your content strategy, engagement levels, and performance metrics.

What is included

  • Evaluation of the completeness and consistency of your social media profiles
  • Assessment of your current content strategy, including frequency, tone, and relevance
  • Review of your content calendar for alignment with your marketing goals and relevant events
  • Evaluation of the engagement rates of your audience, content types and formats
  • Analysis of your competitors’ social media presence and how you can differentiate

What you will get

  • An Optimization Report with all findings and a prioritized list of new ideas you can put to use immediately.
  • A 45 min presentation call with the expert who worked on your audit. Your chance to ask questions.

The expected delivery time is between 2 to 3 weeks (depending on size of the report). Price on request and based on your tailored audit.

“I’m happy that we found a sparring partner like TheVentury who helped us find solutions for our most pressing topics.”

Milena Krstic
Marketing Manager | DasUmzugsteam

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