“None  of  us  is  as  smart  as  all  of  us” 


We like to spread our know-how and see the community reach new heights. It also enables us to learn from others and get inspired from many brilliant minds out there! We are thrilled to see the engagement of our employees!

Mentoring, Workshops, Key notes &

Master Classes

Katharina Binder moderating the AustrianStartups Stammtisch

Jakob Reiter giving a key-note on chatbots

Petra Grozdic mentoring students from Entrepreneurship Avenue

Growth Marketing Masterclass by Adrian Zettl-Singh at Mobile Marketing Innovation Day

startuplive mentoring

Pooja Ahluwalia mentoring at Startup Live

Christoph Bitzner on the panel for AustrianStartups

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Austria Wirtschaftsservice

the female factor

Female Factor


startup live

Startup Live

Global Incubator Network – GIN

Female Founders

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