Development support and implementation of a complex payment solution for the Vienna-based startup Eversports.


Redeveloping Signtime’s translator SiMax and developing the Hands-Up App to help make the world accessible to deaf people.


Marketing strategy development and optimization of the website have helped DasUmzugsteam to gain 50% more users through organic search.

OKRs at TheVentury

Implementing Objectives and Key Results to improve the team’s understanding of and involvement in the company’s strategy.


Supporting the legal tech startup Topx with validation and prototyping of their document retrieval AI software.


Accelerating from prototype to product-market fit by combining methodology and execution in technology, growth & innovation.


We supported the job platform for parents Superheldin to get more brand awareness by launching a viral Facebook ad campaign.

pocket sky

We supported Pocket Sky by launching a Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign and reached our goal within less than 5 hours.


Supporting Alfies with growth marketing experiments, focusing on social media and paid ads.


Supporting rotable with their first proof of concept by simplifying the complexity of cross-hospital clinical rotation scheduling.