The student’s among you will know what I am talking about – Preparing for entry tests to university and preparing for your first graduate jobs is hard. Like, annoyingly hard.

The odds are stacked against students who don’t have enough preparation or information on how to prepare.

This is the gap that David Coates tries to fill with Chooter. His A.I.-driven tutoring tool provides individually fitted classes based on your target university and personal knowledge.

In his post-month-1 interview he told us about the biggest learning he had as well as his F***-Up.

50% off on Marketing

The learning that astonished Chooter’s CEO the most is the fact that marketing does not have to be expensive. Naturally, thinking about marketing, stuff like Google Ads and Facebook will come to mind. But virality isn’t bound to the amount of money spent!

Are ads really the best way to reach your audience? Chooter’s target audience are students, a group that is already actively discussing the problems that David solves – So it makes sense to be active on these Social Media pages – To take part in the discussion and finding potential leads. Cost = 0€

Think about what’s most effective, not what has the most splash in your bank account

 Underestimating existing business contacts

The main mistake David talked about occurred during the validation phase: Obviously validation requires doing extensive market research as well as approaching possible users and competitors to receive feedback.

Now – being keen on doing all that – David forgot a rather simple thing: There’s usually already people that did the legwork! There will be people that operate in the same field and may be willing to share some valuable information.

So be sure to check with other companies that might already have gained insight in the topic – You might save time and money.

The problem with remote staff

David is working together with various students from all over the country: Young and talented people that are keen on helping with the project. The problem: They are scattered all over the country!

Now, meeting everybody in person would have required much time – time that David did not have. So he skipped on meeting his employees and experienced the #1 problem of working remote: The staff will quickly feel disconnected from the project rather than feeling fully involved. That’s why he can only emphasize: Keep the people close and take the time to get to know them in person!

Month 1 – The verdict

David states he learned a lot in the first month and underlines the importance of staying open minded. Especially in the validation phase he learned to be confident in his product, but never being afraid of being wrong. In perfect ELEVATE-fashion he ended the interview with a great tip for future participants:

Build – Measure – Learn and you will fit in perfectly with the ELEVATE team