TheVentury offers concept, design, programming and marketing services for chatbots

Bots allow an intimate direct communication between businesses and users through messaging services people are using every day. By utilizing Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence, communication becomes automated, more efficient and faster in a more intimate way.

In Mark Zuckerberg’s words: “We think you should message a business just the way you would message a friend”.

TheVentury offers solutions for startups & enterprises.

We have built chatbots for these amazing clients:

Use Case:How we built the Austrian Airlines Chatbot

The idea to the Austrian Airlines Chatbot was born right after the announcement of Facebook opening up their Messenger API. To us it was crystal clear from the beginning: this is going to be huge! And because we already realized a rather big innovation project with Austrian Airlines (see we approached their social media agency ambuzzador to partner with us once again to bring this innovation to Austrian.

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Startup Accelerator Program for Machine Learning, AI & Conversational Interfaces

Europe’s First Bot Accelerator – Elevate

In 5 months from prototype to product-market-fit

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TheVentury aims to foster a strong chatbot community in Vienna and abroad as co-host and organizer of BotsHub Vienna. Vienna Meetups, with the first European Chatbot Hackathon, and as speaker at ChatbotConf and at Chatbot Meetups around the world.