case study


Building a virtual intrapreneurship program for the Raiffeisen Bank International and guiding 8 remote teams through the innovation journey from validation to prototyping.

case study

Raiffeisen Bank International

Building a virtual intrapreneurship program for the Raiffeisen Bank International and guiding 8 remote teams through the innovation journey from validation to prototyping.

Agile Innovation Project

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“In the 2020 fully-remote “Agile Innovation Project,” TheVentury coaches expertly guided intrapreneur teams using creativity and UX/UI resources. The virtual collaboration was productive, yielding insightful results.”

Christina Pfeiler
Senior Innovation Manager
Raiffeisen Bank International


Comparable intrapreneur programs were already offered in recent years. Due to Covid, all projects had to be held purely virtually.
Despite these circumstances, it was important to work on the selected innovation topics with the teams in the given timeframe of 10 weeks, to learn methods such as design thinking, and to coach the teams individually to achieve their best performance.
Virtual Team Rituals in Miro


Through a good mix of technical tools that support virtual learning (e.g. Miro) and building team rituals in a purely remote setting (e.g. Team Canvas and virtual retros), we created a good foundation for collaboration (with other external partners).

Building on this, we were then able to take the 8 teams in this “Agile Innovation Project” from understanding their customer’s needs (e.g. through interviews) to building solutions for them (e.g. teams were able to build Landing Page prototypes – on their own).

During those 10 weeks, we switched between day sessions, coaching sessions and design sprints – depending on what the teams needed and what made sense for the current methodology transfer.


At the end of the Agile Innovation Project, all 8 teams managed to deliver & hand over working prototypes, sophisticated ideas and valid customer insights to the business line.

Christina Pfeiler, Senior Innovation Manager at Raiffeisen Bank International:

“During the first fully-remote intrapreneurship program “Agile Innovation Project” in 2020, the coaches from TheVentury helped guide the intrapreneur teams through the innovation process with competence, creativity and UX/UI resources. Throughout the program, the virtual collaboration and co-creation was very fruitful and supported the teams in generating insightful outcomes.”

employees certified as Innovation Ambassadors

countries represented by employees


hours of coworking, interactive workshops and input sessions

About Raiffeisen Bank International

Raiffeisen Bank International is one of the leading commercial & investment banks in Austria and CEE (Central & Eastern Europe). As a driving force for innovation, they help shape the future with a variety of diverse projects in Corporate, Retail and Investment Banking.
Together, we established and developed an Agile Innovation Program, which occurred virtually in 14 countries. In more than 10 weeks, almost 50 intrapreneurs and agile coaches were trained.

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