Building a tool for companies to easily access liquidity and payment receivables data

Prototyping • Web Development • UI/UX

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About LiquiUp

LiquiUp was a project from the RBI Innovation Program. The idea was to reduce the manual work companies do to keep track of outstanding invoices. The goal is to make a simple to use tool which provides visual representation of capital data and provides insights on payment behaviour and benchmarking data.

Collaboration with TheVentury’s team was very effective. We could fully rely on their software development, project management and coaching in general. Throughout our project, they consistently had a lean approach to the tasks and challenges. TheVentury also supported us ad-hoc with out-of-the-box suggestions on how to improve our teamwork and the product. I believe that we formed a strong team based on trust and the mutual goal to bring our product live.

Karolina Kubiliute

Product Owner

Raiffeisen Bank International AG

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