case study


Successfully scaling a q-commerce business by finding the sweet spot for cost-efficient growth through effective Growth Marketing across various channels.

case study


Successfully scaling a q-commerce business by finding the sweet spot for cost-efficient growth through effective Growth Marketing across various channels.

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„TheVentury not only added value by optimizing our existing campaigns but also by exploring new growth channels such as E-Mail Marketing and Instagram to acquire new customers.”

Gunther Michl


Alfies aimed to expand profitably, growing its customer base while ensuring cost stability. The goal was to reduce the cost-per-acquisition without affecting customer quality, all while identifying effective acquisition channels to keep costs in check.

This included finding suitable channels and formats for business traction and scaling, particularly as Alfies sought to extend its operations into new cities.

Seasonal Campaigns
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To help Alfies achieve those goals we adopted a structured yet agile approach, focusing on iterative testing, data analysis, optimization, and continuous learning. We supported Alfies across multiple marketing areas including paid and organic media, out-of-home advertising, app store optimizations and more.

From 2018 to 2020 we managed Alfies’s main social channels Facebook and Instagram, by creating the organic strategy, designing the content and implementing it.

Our mix of entertaining, informative, promotional and interactive content aimed to inspire and activate the Alfies community while establishing a stronger bond.

Seasonal Campaigns

Another key focus of our online marketing strategy was building and retaining the Alfies community in owned channels. For this we are using newsletter marketing, email automations as well as the Alfies app and push notifications. 

Initially, the diverse marketing channels we tested underwent high-level experiments with results discussed in monthly check-ins. As certain channels started delivering results, we focused more on them, elevating the frequency of check-ins to a weekly basis to ensure quality control and goal alignment as the investment grew.

However, we also never stopped testing new channels from Spotify to Pinterest. 

Instagram: Breakfast Campaign
YouTube: Why Not Campaign


  • Existing Platforms
  • Community Building
  • Email Marketing
  • Content Marketing
  • Offline Advertising
  • Social & Display Ads
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Public Relations
  • Viral marketing


Throughout the years of our collaboration, Alfies successfully achieved profitable growth and even expanded into a new market. We successfully executed over 250 paid campaigns that resulted in 3.21 million sessions in the shop and thousands of customers. Our email marketing efforts scaled impressively, with over 4.43 million emails sent in the last year with a consistent open rate of more than 30%.

Through the power of a well-planned and executed growth strategy, we managed to reduce the CPA by 38%, as well as to expand to one new market – the city of Graz. By continuously testing and optimizing we were able to successfully scale three major channels: email marketing, social & display ads, and search engine marketing.


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Awareness Campaign
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About Alfies

Alfies is an Austrian online supermarket operating in Vienna and Graz. Alfies sets new standards by combining a well-curated full-supermarket assortment of high-quality products with an unbeatable 60-minute delivery service.

Since 2015, Alfies has been delivering groceries to customers’ doorsteps in an hour or less, with their distinct delivery trucks becoming a familiar sight. They aim to provide convenience and exceptional customer service, enabling their clients to enjoy their time instead of spending it at supermarkets.

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