case study

Add to water

Executing a comprehensive marketing strategy and building a web shop for the launch of our joint venture with Ottakringer Getränke AG.

case study

Add to water

Building a web shop and executing a comprehensive marketing strategy for the launch of our joint venture with Ottakringer Getränke AG.

Growth Marketing for the first business year

Growth Marketing

ADD TO WATER | Ottakringer Getränke AG

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The main challenge was to successfully introduce and market ADD TO WATER, an innovative water enhancer without sugar or calories, in its two target markets: Austria and Germany. The goal was not only to acquire new customers but also to foster long-term loyalty among existing ones.

Additionally, the project aimed to build the ADD TO WATER team and transition the marketing leadership and responsibilities to new team members by March 2023.


We adopted a multi-faceted, data-driven strategy to support ADD TO WATER, which included:

Webshop Design and Development
  • Webshop Setup & Optimization
Establishing a webshop using WordPress and WooCommerce, integrating tracking services, pixels, and a marketing CRM, and optimizing it through continuous A/B testing.
Print Design
Packaging Design


  • Design and Branding

Crafting the full branding strategy as well as creating diverse print materials, packaging design, static imagery and more, to construct a cohesive and engaging brand presence.

Paid Ads
Email Marketing
  • Cross-Media Marketing Strategy

Implementing a wide-ranging marketing strategy, involving social media ads, Google Ads, email marketing, PR activities, and influencer marketing.

  • Content & Influencer Marketing

Creating diverse campaign content, including static ads, product videos, and influencer stories, and partnering with relevant influencers and yoga studios to boost brand awareness.

TikTok Content

Influencer Marketing

Too Good To Go
Pop-Up Store
  • Offline Engagement

Collaborating with a pop-up store in Vienna for increased brand visibility and customer engagement.

  • Team Building & Transition

Building the ADD TO WATER team and smoothly transitioning marketing leadership to new team members.


The collaborative efforts led to a successful market entry for ADD TO WATER. Within the first nine months, the startup registered over 1,500 orders and successfully built a loyal customer base. Continuous tracking and evaluation of the results facilitated optimizations and campaign improvements.

The initial success led to Ottakringer Getränke AG investing further in the venture. In March 2023, we handed over the marketing leadership and responsibilities to the new team members at ADD TO WATER.


website visits


orders in 9 months with minimum budget

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Together with Ottakringer Getränke AG, we founded and successfully launched the joint venture ADD TO WATER – an innovative solution for the beverage market.

ADD TO WATER offers individual flavor combinations, consisting of natural, sugar-free, and calorie-free flavors that provide a fruity and natural taste to water. With the mission ‘Drink with Joy!’, ADD TO WATER aims to revolutionize the way we consume water.


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