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Gain an experienced partner to turn your innovative ideas into new digital products, new services and new sources of revenue.

Many years of working with startups and corporate innovators allow us to de-risk innovation and leverage its power into sustainable growth.

Our unique combination of entrepreneurial spirit, product building know-how & go-to-market experience will support you on your whole journey.

your challenges

You'RE probably asking yourself

How can I uncover new sources of revenue?

How can i find someone to build new products with me?

How do I build up a portfolio of new products?

How do I ensure that enough people will buy my product?

How can I best validate my ideas?

How can I convince management that innovation leads to tangible results?

Our team gladly helps you to provide answers to all of the above questions!

Founding Experience

Innovation Methodology

Software Developement



Business Model Design


Go-to-Market Strategy

our portfolio



Ideas & business models validated


MVPs developed


Products successfully launched


in new revenue generated through new products & services

Ventures built

companies founded

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