It’s all about the numbers

The basis for improvement in any endeavor is being accurate and well informed. Whether that endeavor is improving a serve in tennis or increasing sales in an online store, tailored and specific feedback is essential. This is just as important when refining chatbots.

Which is why we put focus on analytics for bots in our accelerator program. At our last meetup for ELEVATE, keynote speakers Klemens Zleptnig, and Tuba Tezer, botanalytics discussed how to use analytics tools for bots and what metrics to track to optimize chatbots.

Klemens recommends using Google Analytics. Not only is GA free, but it also has a great user interface and extra features. Although it wasn’t designed for chatbots, there are easy workarounds that make using GA a viable option. But there are many more bot analytic services you can look into:

Bot KPI’s

While using analytics tools, there are several key performance indicators (KPIs) chatbot developers should think about:

  • average session length
  • number of messages not handled by a bot
  • most active hours
  • total number of messages sent/received
  • response time
  • retention rate
  • daily new users

These are all valuable statistics for chatbot developers seeking to optimize their product.

However, it is apparent that there is not a perfect combination of KPIs for every chatbot. For instance, if a chatbot oriented towards companionship has a higher number of total messages sent per conversation, it is a positive indicator. In a different category such as customer service, however, that could be a negative.

For example, using the case study of a pizza-ordering bot, the most active hours are one of the most important KPIs. Before sports games and in the evening are the most active hours for pizza orders. So chatbot developers can use this information to  re-engage their users through push notifications or reminders.

The primary takeaway? It is crucial to view analytics as an integral part of bot development. This involves identifying which KPIs are most important to your business model and developing the bot in accordance with that data.

Get ready to tap into the potential of analytics and the opportunities it can open up for your bot business!
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