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Have you talked to a chatbot before? Did you notice it was a bot?
Bots have evolved to a point where they can provide a new way for customers to interact with brands – in a meaningful and useful way. Consumers crave real-time, efficient, on-demand conversations without hassle. An experience chatbots are already able to perfectly provide today.

You have probably already come across chatbots (If not, you might want to check out our blog). Chatbots provide a conversational interface aimed at solving customers’ problems. In simple industries – sure. But is this also possible in more complex cases?

Making insurances sexy with conversational interfaces

Think about the insurance industry, where there is a lot of in-depth communication needed between a business and a client. These insurance processes require time, effort and the filling of a ridiculous amounts of documents – You know the struggle and you probably hate it as much as we do!

The Road from paperwork to AI

Would you believe us if we tell you there is a better way to do it? By working with an insurance chatbots. To give you a better understanding of the potential of conversational interfaces in this case, let us present to you 5 things we love about insurance bots:

Make a claim – 24/7

Record a claim from your phone and check its status at any time and any place. No calls. No repetitive hold music. No redirection to a call centre halfway around the world. The bot is there for you, 24/7 – No restrictions.

Get feedback right away

The bot will answer your simplest questions so you get feedback not 3-5 business days later, but right away. It works efficiently, quickly and is convenient. Your communication with the bot can happen on the channels of your choice, be it a messenger, mail, voice device or many others.

Explain matters only once

You know how insurance hotlines will redirect you multiple times, forcing you to explain your issue over and over again? Not with chatbots. Conversations are traceable and take protocol so humans can take over at any time.

Customer service bots can create incidents and tracks issues – or can alternatively assign them to real employees should the task get too complex.

Attach your documentation right away

No need to fill out documents about how the accident happened and send photos from all angles per mail. Do all of that via bot. With today’s image recognition opportunities, the pictures can be analyzed directly by the bot and processed to further understand what the customer needs.

Get information you did not even know you wanted

The thing about self-learning bots is: They gets smarter with every question they are being asked!
While the Bot can understand your current needs it may even suggest policies you might be interested in at the time – The bot acts as a sales person and adds value to the customer experience.

Ready for the insurance revolution?

We are happy to help you with an enterprise ready framework for the bots you have been dreaming of. Let’s talk:

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