The Most Exciting Innovation Events in Europe for 2024 | Part 2

Here are the innovation events in the second half of 2024 that offer great opportunities to immerse in learning, exchanging and networking.

As the year’s second half unfolds, the momentum of innovation and technology continues with an exciting lineup of events across Europe. Here’s a detailed look at what to expect from July to November, helping you navigate and select the most relevant events for your company or your own personal growth & networking opportunities.

Innovation Brunch

Our exclusive Innovation Brunch returns to Linz on July 4th, collaborating with Raiffeisenlandesbank Oberösterreich to explore customer centricity. This invite-only event fosters cross-industry exchange on today’s most pressing innovation challenges. Network with top innovators, gain actionable insights and shape the future of customer-focused strategies. Interested in attending? Contact us to secure your spot!
When & Where: 4 July, Linz

Turing Fest 2024

The Turing Fest in Edinburgh offers a comprehensive exploration of tech’s cutting-edge practices, featuring speakers from leading startups to tech giants. It’s a blend of technical learning and business strategy with tracks dedicated to marketing, product, strategy, engineering, and leadership. This makes Turing Fest an essential stop for tech professionals looking to stay ahead in a rapidly evolving industry.
When & Where: 9-10 July, Edinburgh

Inno x network Summercamp

The inno · x · network Summercamp is an annual member-only event focused on networking among innovation leaders. Last year’s camp, hosted at the ÖBB Open Innovation Factory and Casinos Austria Innovation Hub, featured two days of interactive workshops and discussions on topics like AI, sustainability, and innovation strategies. Approximately 80 leaders from major companies participated, promoting an environment of extensive professional exchange and collaboration.
When & Where: 28-29 August, Vienna


This conference is a must-visit in Cologne for marketing professionals. DMEXCO serves as a central hub for key decision-makers from the digital economy, marketing, and innovation sectors. It brings together industry leaders, marketing professionals, media experts, and innovation drivers to collaboratively set the digital agenda. The event features a comprehensive ecosystem of exhibitions, groundbreaking keynotes, lively debates, and informative masterclasses, all focused on digital trends and future business opportunities.
When & Where: 18-19 September, Cologne


Digital X 2024 continues as one of Europe’s leading digitalization initiatives, transforming Cologne into a futuristic city. The event will bring trends to life, thoroughly exploring digital topics of today and tomorrow with top speakers and engaging talks. Attendees can look forward to innovations, future visions, inspiration, new perspectives, and networking opportunities.
When & Where: 18-19 September, Cologne

Amplify Trend Event

The Amplify Trend Event at the EYE Amsterdam Film Museum will explore consumer trends and insights predicted to shape markets in the next 12-18 months. This one-day event will provide a deep dive into the intersection of AI and new customer expectations, featuring insights from industry leaders from top companies like IKEA and Google. Participants will enjoy a vibrant setting for networking and learning in one of the world’s leading innovation capitals.
When & Where: 26 September, Amsterdam

Italian Tech Week

Italian Tech Week is a premier event where international tech leaders gather to discuss innovations and future trends. The tech conference unites startups, venture capitalists, and influential players across sectors, providing a platform for dialogue and collaboration. This event exemplifies a commitment to fostering and advancing the global tech ecosystem, inviting participants to connect and inspire each other.
When & Where: 25-27 September, Turin

Bits & Pretzels

The Bits & Pretzels festival in Munich is an essential gathering for entrepreneurs, featuring inspiring keynotes, informative workshops, and unmatched networking opportunities. With a highly curated speaker line-up and tons of formats to match you with the most relevant people at the event, hundreds of startups, investors, and corporates attend each year. It ends with a legendary networking event at the Oktoberfest, where great ideas and beer flow freely.
When & Where: 29 September – 1 October, Munich

Austrian Innovation Forum

The Austrian Innovation Forum is an annual event focused on “Conscious Innovation,” addressing the need for forward-thinking in a disruptive world. The forum explores next-generation skills and innovative business models driven by energy and environmental technologies, circular economy, resource efficiency, and decarbonization. It encourages co-creation across company boundaries and brings together over 200 executives, entrepreneurs, and experts in innovation, research, strategy, and science.
When & Where: 10-11 October, Vienna

Logistics Summit

The Logistics Summit is a key logistics trade fair and conference focusing on digitalization, sustainability, and automation. Set to transform the industry into a more efficient and sustainable future, this event showcases cutting-edge solutions through high-profile speakers, expert panels, and practical workshops. It offers attendees from the logistics industry a chance to gain valuable knowledge, explore new ideas, identify best practices, and network with peers to enhance their business objectives.
When & Where: 9-10 October, Düsseldorf

HR Inside Summit

The HR Inside Summit, held at Hofburg Vienna, is the premier HR event in the DACH region, drawing over 2,000 participants. The summit features discussions with top international experts on key human resources topics such as recruitment, leadership, diversity, and sustainability. The keynotes and panels on the main stage are concise and serve as inspiration, offering new HR perspectives. You can benefit from early bird pricing until this year’s program is released. Refer to last year’s schedule for a feel of the event.
When & Where: 9-10 October, Vienna

Innovation Roundtable Summit

The Innovation Roundtable® Summit is a must-attend for corporate innovators seeking insights on various topics, including business model innovation, digital transformation, AI, design thinking, and sustainability. It offers a unique knowledge exchange and problem-solving platform through expert presentations, peer-to-peer roundtable discussions, and extensive networking opportunities. This highly interactive event is the world’s largest gathering of its kind, and participants will also be able to join sessions and interact with attendees from the Marketing & HR Summits, which take place in parallel at the same venue.
When & Where: 5-7 November, Copenhagen

Wolves Summit Vienna

Wolves Summit Vienna offers a unique opportunity for businesses and startups to forge valuable connections. This event stands out with its emphasis on personalized 1:1 matchmaking, enabling attendees to schedule up to 60 targeted meetings over two days. Gain insights from industry leaders, participate in the Great Pitch Contest for startups, and network with investors, businesses, and fellow innovators from across Europe and beyond.
When & Where: 6-7 November, Vienna + online

Digitale Leute Summit

The Digitale Leute Summit is a must-attend for professionals across the software product development spectrum. This unique cross-functional event focuses on collaboration between Engineering, Product, UX Design, and Business teams for superior product outcomes. Over two days, attendees will gain actionable insights from 40+ international experts through talks, panels, and hands-on workshops. Network with peers, discover the latest tools and methodologies and enhance your skills to build exceptional digital products.
When & Where: 13-14 November, Cologne

Global Innovation Forum

The GIF London is a playground for top innovators seeking a dynamic, interactive experience. With the 2024 theme “Life is a Prototype,” this event encourages experimentation, curiosity, and collaborative problem-solving. Attendees will explore the latest innovation trends through talks, candid fireside chats, hands-on workshops, and stimulating panel debates. Network with like-minded individuals in a welcoming atmosphere and even embark on a field trip to spark creativity. If you’re ready to embrace a fresh approach to innovation, this is the place to be!
When & Where: 20-21 November, London


Slush is a founder-focused event designed to help startups change the world. This gathering stands out by prioritizing quality over quantity, offering actionable insights from experienced founders, operators, and investors. The emphasis is on practical advice and tangible value, making it ideal for those serious about building successful businesses. Slush’s unparalleled Matchmaking Tool and vibrant ecosystem of side events foster meaningful connections, enabling you to find investors, collaborators, and mentors. Slush is the place to be if you’re an ambitious founder seeking real-world guidance and a network that propels growth.
When & Where: 20-21 November, Helsinki


These events offer great opportunities to immerse in learning, exchanging and networking. Be sure to check each event’s website for the latest information and registration details, and prepare to be inspired by the boundless possibilities of technology and innovation. Whether deep in the trenches of product development or steering your organisation’s culture, these gatherings are key to propelling your initiatives into the rest of the year and beyond. Stay connected, stay informed, and most importantly, stay innovative! And if we missed anything, please contact us and give us a hint.


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The Most Exciting Innovation Events in Europe for 2024
We’ve collected the top innovation and product events across Europe to help you plan your calendar and make the most of these opportunities.

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