How we pimped our office in 24 hours

Do you sometimes sit at your desk and have moments of inspiration of possible ways to make your office cozier, friendlier and at the same time have a space that increases productivity?
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Do you sometimes sit at your desk and have moments of inspiration of possible ways to make your office cozier, friendlier and at the same time have a space that increases productivity?

We did too and we decided to organize a FedEx day! Find out how exactly!

FedEx Day at TheVentury

Last week we made it happen we changed our whole office with the help of a FedEx day and the manpower of the whole TheVentury team. FedEx stands for “Build and ship it in one day!” You have 24 hours to originate, develop, and deliver new products, new services, or a business process improvement. How? With a lot of energy, motivation, and pizza & beer.

First step: The idea wall

As every innovative process is all about post it walls, every worker in the company, from intern to CEO, had the opportunity to come up with ideas and pin them. The great thing about these colourful walls is that you can easily cluster the ideas into different topics.

What we wanted to change:

  • rearrange tables
  •  the kitchen
  •  the meeting rooms
  •  the walls
  •  plants
  •  And of course, a sport and chill area


The day we were all waiting for

We gathered around the office at 1:30 pm and started with taking a tour of inspiration. We went to have a look at the amazing mySugr office in the first district to get inspired. It was an awesome tour and experience. We then went back to the office where we were told how exactly we would pimp our office! Everyone had to choose one topic of interest which then formed a team. The result were mixed groups with people from different departments.

After a short brainstorming session, the groups presented their ideas, received feedback and a budget of 500€. Luckily no one had the idea to spend it all on an ice cream machine (sorry guys, too late now).

Let the fun begin!

With a lot of enthusiasm and creative skills we pimped the office to match our companies core values. Which of course means the day ended with a night full of throwback music, free pizza and beers! Let us have a look at how we incorporated this initiative with our core values: EPIC!

1. Entrepreneurial Thinking

Embracing change is a key approach of TheVentury and this is why we decided to rearrange the space completely. Activity based working concept here we come! To make the offices more efficient, but also (and more importantly) inspiring, creative and innovative, we implemented our own version of David Dewane’s Eudaimonia Machine concept.

We divided the space into different areas, allowing every employee to switch their work place setting according to his or her current needs. Some tasks are done better when you can work in a quiet corner, a creative brainstorming however would be more effective when done in a collaboration area and if someone needs to let off some steam, going to the “gym” and kicking the new punching bag might be the right call.

2. Passion

To visualize how TheVentury drives innovation and progress we dedicated a wall to the team, showing a memory lane of events and achievements the company made over the last years. Another wall is devoted to our beloved clients with whom we share our enthusiasm and motivation. Now, they immediately see the purpose, intention and identity of TheVentury.


3. Impact

We love to create positive impact for the world but also for our team!

Our workspace is like our home. We spend a significant amount of time of our lives in our office. This is why we had a whole team focusing only on plants. With the help of our new friends we are able to change the air quality in the office space. Did you know that plants have proved to alleviate stress? Taking care of the plants in between breaks can help you to deal with work-related stress. The presence of plants can reduce anxiety and even staring at plants can significantly reduce stress. As plants can uplift moods, employees are happier.


4. Cooperation & Empowerment

Last but not least to visualize that our values are all about cooperation, we colored the hands of all the employees and let them form the letters E.P.I.C. on one of our office walls. One for all, all for one!

To sum it up, our “pimp the office” idea worked out well because the employees were put in charge and were given full control over their areas. The team did not only meet the expectations but truly exceeded them. Sometimes, you just have to get your hands dirty, get started and trust that teamwork makes the dream work!

If you want to know more about the “pimp the office” day and how the activity-based working concept works, feel free to contact us at or simply come by for a cup of coffee! :)


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