Why a Good Online Presence is Crucial for Today’s Real Estate Agents

Learn how to connect with clients online.

Real Estate Agents need to get on board with connecting with clients online. There is no turning back the clock. Social media and search platforms are part of the world we live in and potential clients now expect to be able to find local agents online.

Learn why a good online presence is vital to the success of local agents today.

People Look Online

There is no way around it. People are looking online to find their answers. Whether they want to know about available homes in their area, down payment options or get an idea of the local agents in their area, people are using online search engines, Facebook groups and forums to get the information they need. Potential clients may look at popular real estate sites or use social media to get insights on a topic. Agents need to brand themselves and provide valuable information online in order to attract the segment of the population using mobile phones and tablets during their research process.

Showcase Expertise

One reason to develop an online presence is to provide current and potential clients with information. It is not only about sharing the latest listings. Buyers, sellers and investors have a number of questions that an agent may help with to help them avoid a headache. Becoming an authority and sharing valuable resources and information can help an agent grow their following, develop stronger relationships and attract new clients. When information is valuable it is likely to be shared to a viewer’s circle, which in turn may increase an agent’s potential reach.

Not only can agents provide information but previous clients and colleagues can offer referrals and feedback about an agent and their services. This can help viewers understand the type of experience they may be able to expect from an agent. Having this information available online can help an agent differentiate themselves from other local agents. The customer experience is key and word-of-mouth referrals and online reviews provide agents with a steady source of new clients.

An Ever Changing World

Facebook can be counted on to continually make changes. Search engines do too. Google algorithms are constantly updated to make it easier for those searching to find the information that they need. Therefore, agents need to stay aware and keep their website and pages user-friendly. This may mean removing old code and reworking a site to make it faster to upload on a mobile device.

Content may need to be tweaked to format correctly on different types of platforms as each has its own optimal preferences. Long form content may be more suitable on a platform such as LinkedIn. Pinterest and Instagram are geared to sharing and commenting on images. Videos do well on Facebook. Agents would do well to perform a website audit and run through their website’s functionality on a regular basis to stay on top of any issues that may develop with the latest changes or through a hosting platform. In addition, continue to deliver a steady stream of content on social media platforms to maintain and grow engagement.

Take Control of Your Presence

The best way for agents to target and attract new clients is to develop a functional and professional website. A well-designed site works as a calling card and should have the following key features:

  • Easy Navigation;
  • Functionality across devices;
  • An attractive and logical layout;
  • Easy-to-read text; and
  • High-quality images.

Many agents choose to work with a professional web designer to create and maintain their site. The use of directories and social networking websites can help agents expand their network and attract both other professionals and potential clients. Continue to learn about developing an online presence and how to best make use out of a professional website and social media networks and never be at a loss for clients.


Kris Lindahl is a Real Estate Agent and expert based in Blaine. On his blog – www.krislindahl.com/blog – he gives deep insights about current Real Estate developments in the US and ideas how to improve Sales and Marketing for Realtors.


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