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JumpStart – ELEVATE awarded funding

The prestigious funding programme JumpStart of AWS has chosen The Ventury's accelerator ELEVATE to invest into.

They shoot, they score! Another investment round of JumpStart has passed: The prestigious funding programme of Wirtschaftsservice Austria has chosen five accelerators and incubators to invest into – TheVentury being among them.

Rough competition

24 accelerators and incubators from all over Austria applied for funding from the accelerator – five of which are going to receive it. This decision was made due to the winners not only providing office space. Much more do they provide consultancy and guidance along the way; consultancy that is individually hand-crafted to each and every one of their innovative startups.

Besides of Female Founders, an especially gratifying pick – empowering women within startups is a long-term goal within the entire community – there were two other start-ups among Viennese awardees: Lemmings and TheVentury.

Picking TheVentury was not a hard choice to make. The packages provided to each batch’s participants – composed from cutting edge technical development, growth marketing as well as innovation consulting is unique in the industry. Thanks to this choice, we have the privilege of sharing our expertise with startups more extensively – while also further deepening our knowledge.

The JumpStart credo

 To implement their ideas, Start-ups need more than financial resources. They need an environment that empowers them to concentrate on their projects while being connected with the Startup community and exchanging know-how.

That’s why aws JumpStart only invests in the best incubators and works towards creating the optimal environment for young Startups to prosper. Even going the extra mile: The next round of investments is all about Startups themselves.

Emphasising on building this prosperous environment even more, up to five companies in accelerators will be selected and will receive 22.500€ in funding. Which means: ELEVATE’s contestants are eligible as well and are at a good chance of receiving additional funds.

So stay tuned:

TheVentury will definitely be one of the major players at the next round of JumpStart.


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