The Most Exciting Innovation Events in Europe for 2024

We've collected the top innovation and product events across Europe to help you plan your calendar and make the most of these opportunities.

The first half of 2024 is shaping to be an exciting period for innovation and technology enthusiasts across Europe. With plenty of events scheduled, there’s something for everyone, covering topics from disruptive tech and sustainability to healthcare advancements. In this guide, we selected the top innovation and product events across Europe, organized by month, to help you plan your calendar and make the most of these opportunities. Let’s go!

ProductCon London 2024

ProductCon: As the world’s largest product management conference, ProductCon London is the ultimate destination for product professionals. Hosted by Product School, this event offers unparalleled insights from industry leaders. A perfect blend of learning and networking awaits in one of the world’s most dynamic cities.
When & Where: 20 February, London

MWC Barcelona

MWC Barcelona: The Mobile World Congress in Barcelona is the world’s largest and most influential connectivity event. Showcasing the latest innovations and technology from over 2,400 leading companies, MWC Barcelona is a cornerstone event for networking and discovery in the tech space.
When & Where: 26-29 February, Barcelona

Disruptive Technologies Conference

Disruptive Technologies Conference in Berlin is a premier event focusing on the technologies that reshape industries, transform business models, and change the way we live and work. From holistic innovation strategy to the hottest topics in technology, this conference dives deep into the processes set to disrupt the current landscape. It’s an essential gathering for any innovation enthusiasts and those looking to stay ahead in the game of digital transformation.
When & Where: 03-05 March, Berlin


Skinnovation combines the thrill of skiing with the passion for innovation and startups. It’s the first startup conference on skis, offering a unique blend of networking, workshops, and skiing fun. Entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators gather in the scenic Austrian Alps to exchange ideas, form new connections, and enjoy the slopes. Skinnovation proves that the best ideas don’t always come in the boardroom.
When & Where: 13-15 March, Innsbruck

Energy & Climate Forum

The Energy & Climate Forum in Austria explores innovations in the energy and climate tech space. It addresses the urgent challenges of climate change and energy transition, bringing together experts, policymakers, and innovators to discuss sustainable solutions. In its center are smart solutions for utilisation, storage and generation of energy. A must attend for energy suppliers, industry players, startups in the green energy & climate space and companies with high energy consumption.
When & Where: 23 April, Vienna


InnovationZero is another important event dedicated to accelerating the transition to a zero-carbon economy. This platform brings together leaders, innovators, and thinkers to collaborate on solutions for achieving net-zero carbon emissions. It’s one of the largest sustainability conferences and critical for anyone committed to addressing the climate crisis through innovation and collaboration.
When & Where: 30 April – 01 May, London

DDX Munich 2024

The Digital Design & Web Development Conference (DDX) in Munich is the place to be for digital design and web development professionals. This event focuses on the latest trends, tools, and technologies shaping the future of digital landscapes. With a mix of inspirational talks, workshops, and networking opportunities, DDX Munich is an ideal place for designers, developers, and digital creators to find inspiration, enhance skills, and meet industry leaders.
When & Where: 11 May, Munich

Copetri Convention

The Copetri Convention stands out as a unique gathering for professionals looking to drive change within their organizations and industries. This event emphasizes innovation in business models, digital transformation, and sustainable growth strategies. It’s an excellent venue for networking with forward-thinking leaders and discovering innovative approaches to business challenges in today’s fast-paced world. Check out our insights from last year’s convention to get a feeling for the atmosphere and know what to expect!
When & Where: 14-15 May, Offenbach am Main bei Frankfurt

Deutscher Innovationsgipfel

The Deutscher Innovationsgipfel in Munich is a key event in Germany’s innovation calendar, bringing together decision-makers, thought leaders, and innovators from various sectors. The summit fosters a multidisciplinary dialogue on the future of innovation, technology, and sustainability, making it a must-attend for those looking to shape the future of their industries.
When & Where: 15 May, Munich

4Gamechangers Festival

The 4GameChangers Festival is a dynamic event that lives up to its name by focusing on the game-changers of our time. Held annually, it offers a platform for visionaries, entrepreneurs, and tech enthusiasts to discuss how to make the world a better place. With its mix of inspiring keynotes, interactive panels, and entertainment, this festival is a celebration of innovation and a catalyst for change.
When & Where: 14-16 May, Vienna

Viva Technology

Viva Technology in Paris is one of the world’s most acclaimed gatherings for startups, tech leaders, and those passionate about innovation. It bridges the gap between large corporations and startups, offering a unique opportunity to explore tomorrow’s technologies today. Attendees can expect to engage with the latest innovations in AI, blockchain, and more, making it an essential event for anyone involved in the tech ecosystem.
When & Where: 22-25 May, Paris

Dublin Tech Summit

The Dublin Tech Summit brings together global leaders in technology, innovation, and business to discuss the future of tech and its impact on business and society. This event is renowned for its insightful speakers, valuable networking opportunities, and a wide range of topics covering everything from AI to fintech, and cybersecurity. The Dublin Tech Summit is a key meeting point for tech professionals looking to expand their knowledge and networks.
When & Where: 29-30 May, Dublin

Trend Hunter Innovation Conference

The Trend Hunter Innovation Conference in Berlin is a convergence point for those passionate about staying ahead of market trends and consumer insights. This event is designed to spark creativity and inspire attendees with cutting-edge trends, industry-leading speakers, and actionable innovation tactics. Ideal for marketers, product developers, and business leaders aiming to leverage trends for growth, this conference is a treasure trove of insights into the next big things.
When & Where: 31 May, Berlin

HealthTech Conference

The Health.Tech Conference focuses on the latest innovations in health technology space. This gathering is crucial for professionals involved in healthcare, wellness, and technology sectors, offering a look at how tech-driven solutions can lead to better health outcomes, streamline operations, and empower patients. Attendees can expect to engage with thought leaders, disruptors, and pioneers at the forefront of digital health, making it a pivotal event for shaping the future of healthcare.
When & Where: 5-6 June, Munich

Fifteen Seconds Festival Graz

The Fifteen Seconds Festival in Graz promises to be an interdisciplinary platform for those who seek to change the world through business, innovation, and creativity. With diverse speakers and workshops, it offers valuable insights into marketing, leadership, technology, and sustainability. This festival is a gathering spot for curious minds looking to network, learn, and collaborate on future-focused projects and ideas.
When & Where: 6-7 June, Graz

Innov8rs Milan

The Innov8rs Conference in Milan brings together innovation leaders from around the globe to share strategies, insights, and best practices. This event is dedicated to corporate innovators tackling the challenges of keeping their organizations at the forefront of change. With a focus on practical learning and networking, Innov8rs Milan is an essential stop for anyone involved in driving innovation within their company.
When & Where: 12-13 June, Milan

Hinterland of Things Conference

The Hinterland of Things Conference is a leading event that bridges the gap between traditional industries and the digital economy. Held in Germany, it offers a unique blend of keynotes, workshops, and networking opportunities for entrepreneurs, investors, and digital pioneers. This conference is particularly notable for its focus on how digital innovation can transform conventional business models, attracting many small and medium-sized enterprises and offering them access to groundbreaking innovations.
When & Where: 13 June, Bielefeld

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Europe’s innovation landscape in 2024 is vibrant and diverse – be part of it! These are some of the events in the first half of the year we believe offer unparalleled opportunities to connect with thought leaders, innovators, and peers from across the world. Whether you’re interested in product management or technology, the latest trends, unique networking experiences, sustainability or health industry, these conferences are where the future of innovation is shaped. Mark your calendars and prepare to be inspired, challenged, and engaged. And if we missed anything, don’t hesitate to contact us and give us a hint!


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