How Adding a Mental Fitness Routine Will Boost Your Workplace Productivity

Michaela Zajackova
Here are three reasons why practising mindfulness can positively influence productivity, mental health and happiness in the workplace.

Too busy to breathe?

After doing a “Search Inside Yourself” workshop a while ago, we have been implementing and experimenting with different ways of incorporating mindfulness into our routines. One example was adding a “minute to arrive” before important meetings to ensure everyone takes a minute to practice stillness. It helps to entirely focus on the meeting itself, increasing focus and productivity.

A more recent format was introduced by an experienced yoga & meditation practitioner, who also happens to be one of our awesome Growth Marketers, Michaela. “Mickey’s Mindful Moment” is a voluntary session that our team members can participate in, focusing on improving physical and mental well-being by using the power of breath.

The extremely positive feedback from our team motivated us to ask Mickey to put together this blog and share how some simple to implement methods can help you cultivate mindfulness at your workplace.

First things first: What is mindfulness?

Mindfulness helps us to notice our breath. We become aware of what’s going on in the present moment as it unfolds. Our attention moves to physical sensations, thoughts coming up, or the surrounding environment. By noticing things, we immerse ourselves in the experience without trying to judge it.
Mindfulness in any shape or form is not about emptying or ignoring thoughts or feelings. It comes with ease, helps us relax, and does not force us to feel a certain way. Mindfulness is simply accepting how we feel in the moment, good, bad, or anything in between.

How is mindfulness connected to a work environment?

Work-life balance is a delicate process but certainly well worth striving for! We all are stressed or exhausted at some point, and practicing mindfulness can help us reconnect, regain focus, and recharge. In this blog I want to share how we incorporated breathwork practice into our busy schedules to improve the team’s health and happiness.

Mindful practice can become a crucial tool once we nurture it with consistency. But it isn’t as easy as it sounds. It may be challenging to focus on your breath for five minutes or stay still when you want to jump out of your chair onto the next task. People tend to think they’re too busy, and it’s impossible to take a mindful break during a busy workday. Only seconds before this tiny pause, we might feel overwhelmed by thousands of thoughts, finishing lunch, pressing deadlines, or unrealistic goals. Imagine forgetting this for a few minutes and feeling your body responding to your breath. You are hitting the RESET button and clearing out what needs to go.

It may take persistence to come back to it when it feels challenging. Still, it’s also an opportunity to become more resilient and dig deeper to explore what’s happening when we find silence. Together, we create a sanctuary experience – MMM is designed to bring us back to life between calls, before an important meeting, or after any stressful moment.
It’s simple – but so effective.

Now let’s get to the three reasons how adding a mental fitness routine will boost your workplace productivity within a few minutes, shall we?

Group exercise to boost teamwork

It’s all about discovering the beauty of that moment together by working towards a common goal as a group. The mood-boosting effects of mindfulness don’t just happen on the individual level. A regular mindful moment in the workday positively affects employees’ mental health and whole teams can feel the benefits. The impact will always be different for each of us, but the power is always felt.

Often, we don’t get a chance to connect with our colleagues besides work-related discussions. A moment of acknowledgment brings us back to understanding why we are a part of one organization and what brings us empowerment.

Transformational reset to reconnect

Did you ever think about how you can develop or strengthen your mindfulness muscle? I am not going to lie; you will need to dedicate the time to practice to master the return to a place of presence. And mastery requires focus and consistency. The key is to keep it fun – each session has a different theme to explore and a new technique to try out. Sometimes, we use a restorative breathwork practice to energize and wake up after a delicious lunch. Another time it might use a grounding breathing technique such as box breathing to rest and start fresh. Often, it’s all about calming the mind after a stressful meeting.
The good thing is that you don’t need to commit to hours of practice. It can only be a moment that will shift your whole perspective. The focus is on waking us up from the inside out. And the best part is that you won’t have to wait months to see the advantages. The instant benefits will only get more intense over time.

Mind full or mindful?
by Chad Geran on Behance

Breathwork instantly improves performance without any resources

A mindfulness strategy at work can help us slow down and increase employee productivity and happiness. Positive mental health is essential because it allows individuals to cope with challenges and setbacks in their lives. Breathwork practice at work helps teams remain agile when changing roles and responsibilities. Not to mention facing complex challenges.
With little to no investment, companies can generate a considerable impact. No equipment is needed, and nobody has to leave their desk if they don’t want to. No significant time commitment or special training is required.


Are you wondering what happens when breathwork becomes an intentional, regular practice?
It’s always amazing to see the team blinking their eyes open and showing the biggest smile. It takes 10 minutes to raise our energy and tap into the present moment. Our bodies slow down, and we turn our senses inwards. Moments of mindfulness are not about emptying the mind of thoughts but rather about understanding the complexity of these thoughts.

Intending to foster mindfulness – we return to it again and again. Together, we practice an attitude that is non-judgmental, curious, and kind. Towards ourselves and towards anyone we interact with. Keeping your brain and emotional health in tip-top shape takes some work. The resistance will come and go. Many people have tried multiple times and have given up. The conclusion? It’s not for me. The thing is – mindfulness can be for everyone. It becomes effortless and rewarding once you get the gist of it.

At TheVentury, a mentally healthy workplace is vital to us. We constantly work towards a state where our Venturers feel respected, supported, and free to speak about concerns or stress. Besides having an EPIC culture, we ensure that with our company benefits like:
• Mickey’s Mindful Moment
• Full access to Insight Timer – #1 App for sleep, anxiety, and stress
• Access to sports activities
• Flexible hours

Care to chat about this with me? Feel free to reach out directly at or on LinkedIn!


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