Fifteen Seconds Festival 2019 – Graz

Innovation, Tech, Marketing and more in one place. TheVentury's key learnings from Fifteen Seconds Festival 2019: The future is gonna be fun!

The Fifteen Seconds Festival 2019 in Graz is one of those conferences were TheVentury feels right at home. It’s all about curiosity for innovation, startups, technology, digital marketing and more. Sounds like it’s made for us and we thoroughly enjoyed the experience, naturally.

Here a few highlights if you couldn’t be there:

Getting Things Done (GTD) with David Allen

The author gave us fantastic insights how to stay relaxed, focused and in control. We enjoyed his book just as his talk. We can fully recommend the book to get your stuff done without stressing out.

Hacking Powerful Strategies

We learnt how to apply FBI hostage negotiating tactics to business transformation and how to gear our minds towards exponential transformation.

The 5 steps:

  • Active Listening
  • Empathy
  • Rapport
  • Influence
  • Behavioral Change

The point here: You have to go through all 5 steps from the beginning, otherwise the change you intend won’t work. True for organizational change, but weirdly also fitting for your customer experience. You can’t start influencing right away, you gotta start with listening and empathy before even attempting to influence people’s behavior in certain direction.

Make or Break

An Era of tranformation and Change with JP Kuehlwein and Erich Joachimsthaler. 

The duo made the case that we’ve arrived in the third era of connectivity:

The Everything Connected Era

We’re leaving behind The Internet Era and The Social Era. They further argued that the key in this era lies in building an ecosystem for your brand and focussing on your purpose.

It’s all about the Why!

The Future of Voice Interfaces with Malte Kosub

Voice interfaces are becoming a huge thing with the rise of Google Assistant and Amazon’s Alexa pushing the market very fast. We totally agree with Malte, who suggests that now is the time to:

  • Identify current and future use cases
  • build technical infrastructure
  • create a sound identity

We’ve got startup and enterprise solutions for that btw 😉


The missing skill for success and happiness at work with Andrew Tarvin:

This was not the only talk at fifteen Seconds on humor in leadership and the workplace in general. We totally agree with Drew, having fun at work is a key component for success and contributes to a performant team culture.

Humor makes it easy to get rid of unnecessary tension, makes everybody connect on a basic human level and just makes the whole experience much more enjoyable for everyone.

Don’t try too hard, but better a bad dad joke than nothing.

In any case, we’ve had a wonderful time at the festival, which provides us with an awesome space to connect with fellow innovators, techies, marketers and curious minds of all sorts.


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