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Digital Channel News: August & September 2023 Roundup

Josef Gasteiger
The most exciting and essential updates from the world of Social Media, curated monthly for you by Content Specialist Josef Gasteiger.

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  • New admin experience for LinkedIn company pages: Navigation reshuffles and moves to the left sidebar
  • Algorithm Updates: LinkedIn is showing you more content from the people and pages you engage with the most, focusing more on hashtag engagement to highlight relevant topics to users and reducing notifications for certain actions. Posts are now seeing more reach over time (second and third day), as opposed to gaining the most traction on the first day.
  • Newsletter Enhancements: Improved experience for creators with an auto-follow feature to the profile for subscribers.
  • AI at Work: LinkedIn releases a comprehensive report on AI adoption in the US.
  • Most Women receive inappropriate advances on LinkedIn: According to a new poll of over 1,000 female LinkedIn users, more than 90% of women have received romantic advances or similarly inappropriate messages in the app.




X (Twitter)

  • Twitter rebranded to X: The birds are gone, the blue is gone, the name is gone. Why X? What do we call tweets from now on? And what happens now? All your questions answered.
  • Community Notes: X’ solution for content moderation, is getting new tweaks. Think a Reddit upvote/downvote system to the accuracy of community notes:
  • Ad Credits: Spend $1000 on X ads and receive an additional $250 for new campaigns.
  • Algorithm Changes: yes to videos, no to mentions of Threads:
  • Political Ads: Political advertisements are making a return.




  • Shorts Algorithm: YouTube demystifies the Shorts algorithm and where it differs from the long-form algorithm
  • Song Identification: YouTube tests a search feature where users hum to identify songs, on the Android version of the app, at least 3 seconds
  • Watch History Update: No more suggested videos for users who have watch history turned off.

What else?

Source: Red Website Design blog


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The most exciting and essential updates from the world of Social Media, curated monthly for you by Content Specialist Josef Gasteiger.

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