Digital Channel News: May 2023 Roundup

Josef Gasteiger
The most exciting and essential updates from the world of Social Media, curated monthly for you by Content Specialist Josef Gasteiger.

Time for news! Digital Channel News is a format created by our Digital & Social Media Specialist, Josef Gasteiger. Stay updated and data-empowered with our newest content format – a round-up of all the newest developments, product releases and information on digital channels like Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, TikTok, Google, YouTube and more – curated monthly for you!




  • New features for Reels: Instagram announced new features for reels to be rolled out soon. It includes dedicated destination for trending audio and hashtags on Reels, expanding gifts on Reels to more countries, enhancing Reels editing tools, adding new metrics and more.

  • Up to 5 links in bio: A long awaited feature is now here. Users can include up to 5 links in the bio of their Instagram profile, making it a direct hit on tools like Linktree.


  • Keeping up with Elon: Many major developments happened at the platform in the last 6 months, regarding verification, layoffs, algorithm etc. TechCrunch has a great article that keeps track of everything you need to know.

  • Twitter Advertisers are required to pay for verification to run ads. An email went out to all Twitter Advertisers, informing them of the change. In effect, this now means that if brands want to run ads on the platform, they will either have to pay Twitter $8 per month for a blue tick (Twitter Blue), or $1,000 per month for its Verification for Organizations that offers som additional benefits.

  • Tweet Ranking Algorithm is published at GitHub: New insights into how tweets are ranked and recommended have been made available through Github. Take a dive:




What else?

  • 🎧 Getting creative with Spotify: For a little bit creative inspiration, read more about how Skoda collaborated with Spotify and behavioural analytics to help dogs stay calm in cars.


That wraps our monthly channel roundup! Did we miss anything? Did something surprise you? Tell us! And Happy Venturing!


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