Customer Service Bots: The Sweet Spot between Humans and Bots

Learn how customer service chatbots can improve your customer relations.

The good news: Everyone’s life just got way easier – Thanks to customer service bots.

A quick throwback to a customer service experience not so long ago:

You bought a pair of shoes online – the deep blue sneakers you´ve been dreaming of for so long. Easy peasy. Before logging out you go back to your Shoe Paradise shopping cart to see whether the order has been processed correctly. Prize – Correct. Address – Check. Product image – What? Why did the colour suddenly switch to gold? The order has been placed and is up for delivery. Online shopping is super easy, but what on earth will you do with golden shoes?

What do you do now?

You try to call the customer service. But after queuing for 10 minutes and paying 0,30€ for each – listening to the same sequence of classical music over and over again – you are close to giving up. Suddenly, service agent Melanie responds with a friendly voice and you explain your problem. Then she reconnects you to another department because she couldn’t help.

You explain everything again – this time to Bernhard. He´s not too friendly – must have had a tough day. He connects you to Petra.

Petra explains: They are having issues with the e-Commerce platform and are trying to fix it. She asks you to send a message to the complaint inbox – the tech team will take over.

You reach out through another channel: the complaint inbox. Again, you briefly explain what happened and ask for a colour change back to blue. Answer pending.

Nowadays, we have chatbots which can solve your golden shoe problem in a time span no longer than having a coffee. Just have a look:

Customer service bots read or listen to your messages, connect the information to your customer profile and immediately understand the issue. Your order, your problem and needs – You say it, it’s done. No matter the channel you use to reach out to Shoe Paradise, the multi-messenger platform connects the dots. Never tell your story multiple times repeatedly, just lean back and let the bot work its magic. Does the bot not know the answer yet, the question is forwarded to a customer service agent.

What modern data-lovers enjoy most about this?
  • First of all, on TheVentury’s botbase framework your data is safe and cannot be seen or used by any third parties. We´re fully GDPR-compliant.
  • Secondly, the human part of the customer service chain can trace back all requests and information that was already transmitted in a chat. This seamless customer service experience heavily increases happiness – for customers and employees alike. Service employees are still highly important, their work just got more efficient and enjoyable.
  • Thirdly, the bots improve their service quality on a daily basis and learn from every issue. This will make your shopping experience as smooth and enjoyable as possible.


What a time to be alive.


Dreaming of bots? Let´s talk.


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