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What I learnt about TheVentury in my 8 weeks!

Every intern feels the same way for their first day on the job. Anxiety. A bit of fear. And a lot of excitement. You don’t know what the job will entail or how the employees will accept you.
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Hi, I’m Sam from Minnesota

Every intern feels the same way for their first day on the job.


A bit of fear.

And a lot of excitement.

You don’t know what the job will entail or how the employees will accept you. Which can be stressful. Eight weeks ago, this was me.

Coming from the U.S., I wasn’t sure how I would fit in, or if I would fit in at all. However, after over a month at TheVentury, I can confidently say that all the worrying was for no reason.

TheVentury is just different, they’re unique. Spend an hour as a fly on the wall here and you’ll see how they’re family. And in this family, everyone genuinely enjoys what they do, and they enjoy working here. As an intern, I’ve noticed quickly that there are endless reasons why people love to work at TheVentury.

There are endless reasons why I love it too. However, since I don’t have endless space… I’ll just give you my top three (in no particular order).

The Workload

My actual work desk, this picture was taken while writing this.

I can still recall my interview with TheVentury right now.

When asked what I wanted out of an internship, my response was that I wanted to contribute. I wanted to do work that would benefit the company, as well as aid my learning and growth as an inspiring marketer.

TheVentury has given me that opportunity and more.

Back in the U.S., I know plenty of interns whose day is comprised of filing paper and fetching coffee (Adam, if you’re reading this I apologize). That is not something you’ll get working here at TheVentury. In my short time here, I’ve done work that has made me proud and feel accomplished. I have done work that has helped me develop and learn. Do you know that type of work that when you finish, you have to sit back and admire it? Yeah? That’s the work I’ve been given the responsibility to accomplish.


Be E.P.I.C

  • E- Entrepreneurial Thinking
  • P- Passionate
  • I- Impact
  • C-Cooperative and Empowering

Here are TheVentury’s core values. To be EPIC.

However, if it were up to me, TheVentury’s core values would be “to be E.P.I.C.I”. With the additional I – and that stands for Inclusive. As the youngest and lowest ranking person in this office, you’d assume I would be looked over and disregarded. That is not the case whatsoever.

Here, I am treated like a friend, and as an equal. The people that make up TheVentury view me as part of the team, and that is a special feeling, especially in the workplace.

For example, during daily team stand-up meetings, developers like Jakob Reiter and Tatyana Sandanova truly seem interested in the work I’m doing. Just as interested as I am in what they’re doing- and they’re doing some really cool stuff! The fact that I’m given a part in these standup meetings is really meaningful for an intern. I am included and viewed as an equal, and that is very motivating.

Company Culture

In sports, the teams with the best locker-room culture, tend to be successful. These teams are organized like a well-run business and succeed because of it. In the NBA, the San Antonio Spurs are a prime example of this. Their culture is why they have been the most successful basketball organization for the past decade.

The Spurs have:

  • Excellent leadership
  • Incredible teamwork
  • Most importantly, strong relationships

These features define the Spurs culture, and they win because of it.

TheVentury is like the Spurs.

From my four weeks here, I have noticed plenty of comparisons between these two businesses’ and their work environments. Culture is really about the people within the office, and the relationships they foster.

It doesn’t take long for you to realize the people in this office are extraordinary, and the relationships they have with one another are truly genuine.

These friendships allow for great teamwork on any project, and the freedom for an individual to step up and become a leader. This level of trust and cohesion between colleagues is a clear indicator that the culture here is second to none.


I’ve come a long way since my first day on the job. That anxiety and fear I mentioned earlier has been entirely erased. Since that first day, I’ve been completely embraced by everyone at this company, and as a 21-year-old intern, I cannot appreciate that enough.

In my first few weeks, I’ve learned a lot as well. Everything from marketing tactics to company culture has helped me develop and understand the world of business more. Which I believe should be the goal for every intern.

I’ll leave you with a picture of the Saubär (the bear who reminds us to keep the office clean) Enjoy!


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