10 Design Trends for 2022

TheVentury’s Art Director Stefan Huber discusses 10 design trends to keep in mind for print and web in 2022.

10 Reasons Why Writing a Book Will Scale Your Business

A shelf with various books about innovation

Have you ever written a book? Or have you, at least, ever thought about writing a book? Most people have. But what they think about first is novels and other works of fiction. This blog post is about writing a non-fiction book that could help elevate your business to the next level. There are several […]

3 Marketing Automation Tools Not To Miss

Do you work in marketing? How many hours do you spend each week doing repetitive tasks? Probably enough – but digitization has reached the point where marketing automation will free you from this burden.

What the (growth) hack? Growth Hacking explained!

Even today, many traditional marketers and managers think about growth hacking or growth marketing as some sort of fluffy trend that belongs to the startup world. What we see from such conversations is that people still have many misconceptions around the topic of  growth marketing.