The Visual AI Revolution

TheVentury’s Art Director Stefan Huber shares the latest advances in AI image generators and the implications for designers & artists.

Get ready for Voice Search!

Recording device

This article will give you insights about how to optimize your website for voice search and how voice SEO is gaining more relevance in 2020. We’ve come such a long way. Since the days of early voice recognition as a dictation tool, through the first releases of Siri and other voice assistants, to the ever-present voice-enabled speakers we see today – we’ve watched voice shape up as a legitimate and socially accepted form of input over the past years. As the accuracy and availability develops more and more by the day, people are increasingly using their voice assistants and smart speakers to search the web.

How to address bias in AI

Head Ai

In this blog post I want to offer some suggestions on how companies can address prejudicial biases.

Bias in AI – A deep dive

How do we ensure that Artificial Intelligence represents humanity’s best principles? This blogpost presents the most important guidelines.