The BotBase – The Enterprise-Ready Chatbot Framework

BotBase is an enterprise chatbot framework written in node.js covering everything from Whatsapp messages to Alexa voice searches

Hello, BotBase!

TheVentury is proud to tell about our experience in developing bots by releasing the very first blog article about our proprietary Chatbot Framework, the BotBase.  Through an intense journey working with start-ups and established companies for almost two years, the development team of TheVentury discovered particular requirements that start-ups and corporates have a like. The lowest common denominator of the start-up and corporate ecosystem determine the functionalities and application programming interfaces that our very own BotBase provides. Over the last second years we developed the BOTBASE towards an interface agnostic platform that provides the opportunity to operate with a multi-platform approach that ensures a consistent user experience across channels like:
  • Facebook Messenger,
  • Telegram,
  • Web Interface for your website,
  • Whatsapp,
  • Slack,
  • SMS,
  • E-Mail,
  • Skype & Skype for Business,
  • Voice Interfaces like amazon ALEXA.

The Chatbot Framework: Technical Perspective

From a technical perspective the chatbot framework is written in node.js, a programming language that is based on JavaScript. This server-sided software development platform enables the BOTBASE to create a fully-horizontal scalable and resource-efficient architecture that corporates and start-up teams require both alike. Since the BOTBASE is delivered as a dockerized application the advantages for server administrators and developers are obvious:
  • Rapid application deployment due to minimal runtime requirements that reduces size and allows to be deployed quickly.
  • Portability across machines since the application and all its dependencies can be bundled into a single container that is independent from often upcoming compatibility issues.
  • Version control and component reuse by tracking successive versions and easy roll-back to previous options.
  • Minimal overhead & simplified maintenance due to non-existing application dependencies.
By deploying the DOCKER container on-premise TheVentury ensures to be GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation) compliant in terms of data-storage and data-processing. Since the requirements towards non-cloud technologies are mandatory, especially for sensitive data sets, the BOTBASE provides strong support for on-premise deployment and works seamlessly across on-premise infrastructure. As we know from talks to various corporate innovation leaders that triggering custom events such as Cronjobs and a full ENTERPRISE LOGGING are requirements that need to be part of the package to fulfill policy requirements and a seamless integration to the existing architecture and business processes. The requirements of clients from very different industry verticals led us to the decision to built our BOTBASE platform agnostic in terms of NLP (natural language processing), ANALYTICS and CRM (Customer-Relationship-Management) / ERP (Enterprise-Ressource-Management) integrations.

Why is that?

Because we believe that different solutions provide different strengths that can, if used and orchestrated right, be leveraged to provide our clients with the best possible solution available on the market for the demanded use-case. By integrating connectors for different Natural Language Processing / Understanding solutions such as the IBM Watson Platform, Googles NLP Solution, or our Partners such as RASA (Open-Source-Software) and DeepSearch, our clients are able to cherry-pick their preferred solution. Microsoft Azure Bot & Cognitive Services enables us through the BOTBASE to Microsoft Bot Framework integration to give our clients the opportunity to make use of their Microsoft Suite and deploy Bots for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business with direct connection to Office 365Dynamics CRM, and other applications without losing the flexibility that is necessary to be ready for the challenges that they might face in the future.

The modular architecture of the BOTBASE makes us as flexible as our clients demand us to be.


Our mantra:


Always stay agile!

We know how difficult it is to be flexible within a corporate legacy system. 😉

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