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3 Consumer Trends That Will Influence Your Intrapreneurship Programs

Elisabeth Korshunova
Innovation Manager Elisabeth Korshunova walks you through three consumer trends that are reshaping intrapreneurship as we know it.
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Consumer trends drive the market. They give companies direction of where the future will take them based on arising consumer expectations. However, consumer trends do not only influence products and services on the market – but they also heavily shape the inside of organisations. In our recent trend research on Amplify, we identified 3 important sub-trends that we believe heavily influence employee initiatives – especially intrapreneurship programs:

  • Flawsome
  • Proficient in purpose
  • Creative challenges

Show your imperfections and allow employees to address them together with consumers

The time of seemingly perfect brands is over, and it’s time to show the human side – a flawsome one! Consumers and employees are driven towards transparent and authentic companies that own up to their imperfections and are not afraid to address them openly.
An intrapreneurship program that includes the voices of both employees and consumers can create powerful solutions to problems that really matter. So, why not introduce prototypes – not-yet-perfected services developed by your intrapreneurs – and rely on the crowds for feedback and advice?

Empower your employees to reach sustainability targets by giving them the platform

Net Zero is the new normal. The number of companies with net zero goals has increased, now counting to over 668 of the world’s largest 2,000 companies. This is why, now more than ever, employee engagement is crucial. Intrapreneurship programs thrive when the employees are personally invested in the topic. Why not use this opportunity to help employees embrace their inner entrepreneurs while also helping you to reach your sustainability goals? We say it’s a match made in heaven!

Tap into employee’s creativity to explore opportunities in new business frontiers

Is there an area your company has always been curious about but hasn’t had the chance to explore yet? New areas are often seen as too risky and resource-demanding – blocking innovation. At the same time, employees seek new challenges and ways to unfold their creativity. Why not use a creative challenge for your employees to dip their toes into new waters? You are giving creative experiments the platform and allowing employees to embrace their creativity!

What else?

Those are just three consumer trends that might influence the direction of your innovation programs – one that empowers authentic collaboration, of that focuses on sustainability, and one that allows radical, creative innovation. There are endless more possibilities, other than trends, that might affect where your program might focus. All in all, any intrapreneurship program will bring forward various new ideas, serve an educational purpose and transform your organisation.

Where to start to find that focus? Any successful intrapreneurship should go hand-in-hand with your overall strategy. Check out how to choose the right approach here.


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