About Us

At TheVentury, we are passionate about innovation, technology and the positive change these can create.

We bring brilliant minds together to provide lean & hands-on services in innovation management, data & software engineering and growth marketing to startups and corporates along the whole journey from idea generation to global impact.

Our Vision: To become the leading partner for a new generation of innovators who responsibly execute solutions that make a positive contribution to society.


1. Entrepreneurial Thinking

We believe in an entrepreneurial approach in everything we do: taking ownership, giving your best shot, getting things done, embracing the change and continuous learning. It takes courage to make the change you want to see.

2. Passion

We are passionate about entrepreneurship as means of driving innovation and progress and we want to fuel the passion to create in others. Entrepreneurship needs passionate people, so we aim foster passion, motivation, enthusiasm, motivation and ingenuity in everyone we work with.

3. Impact

We are crazy about creating positive impact. We want our work to have a positive impact on everybody involved. The products and experiences we create aim to be of the highest quality standards, while using resources carefully. We value working on projects that aim to improve the lives of others and drive positive change and progress for us all.

4. Cooperation & Empowerment

We believe in cooperation over competition! And the best cooperation is based on mutual empowerment – with knowledge, opportunities, helping hands, nice words or shared responsibilities. We are in this together to help/support/empower each other and our partners.

Our Awesome Team

We're not as serious as we appear ;)

Christoph Bitzner
Partner / CEO

Adrian Zettl-Singh

Jakob Reiter
Partner / Head of Backend & Data

Christoph Aschberger
Partner / Head of Frontend & UI

Maximillian Unger
Partner / Head of Corporate Innovation

Valentin Aschermann
Partner / Head of Startup Services

Stefan Wüst
Software Engineer

Pooja Ahluwalia
Chief Marketing Officer

Iva Bosanac Hoblaj
People Operations Manager

Katharina Binder
Program Manager

Leonhard Brunner
Project Manager

Thomas Danecker
Software Engineer

Melanie Vollert
Growth Marketer

Petra Grozdić
Finance & Operations Manager

Tatyana Sandanova
Software Engineer

Monika Laurinaviciute
Software Engineer

Markus Watzer
Software Engineer

Svetoslav Petrov
Software Engineer

Alper Kurt
Growth Marketer

Clemens Ristl
Growth Marketer

Stefan Huber

Joshua Kunkle
Data Engineer

Miriam Boubachta
Head of Growth Marketing

Leonardo Schettini
Software Engineer

Alexandra Cojocea
Software Engineer

Antonina Todorova
Growth Marketer

Cristian Mat
Project Manager

Alina Wundsam
Growth Marketer

Krister Schuchardt
Software Engineer

Wayne Moore
IT Project Manager

Chief Happiness Officer

Chief Distraction Officer

The Saubär
Facility Manager