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At TheVentury, we believe in progress through entrepreneurship. That’s why we partner up with corporate innovators, entrepreneurs and scale-ups to empower their innovation process and drive maximum growth. Let’s make innovation happen today.

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“Our intrapreneurship program deserves special mention. Together with TheVentury, we created the optimal framework for developing our in-house ideas into future-oriented market solutions.”

„TheVentury not only added value by optimizing our existing campaigns but also by exploring new growth channels such as E-Mail Marketing and Instagram to acquire new customers.”

“In TheVentury we found the perfect co-founder. They know what they’re doing, they ask the right questions and created the ideal team for our shared venture!”

“Josef Gasteiger and the TheVentury team supported us in approaching the topic of corporate influencers in a new way and increasing our presence on Linkedin. We were thrilled by the steep learning curve!”

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Leverage your innovation potential

Empower your organization

Harness the innovation and execution power in your organisation. We help you build the innovation competences right where they are needed – within your team.

Build your idea

Gain an experienced partner to turn your innovative ideas into new digital products, new services and new sources of revenue. We help to de-risk innovation and leverage it into sustainable growth.

Grow your business

Drive growth for your business and product with customer insights, growth experiments and creative strategies tailored to your needs.

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Knowledge Hub

The most exciting and essential updates from the world of Social Media, curated monthly for you by Content Specialist Josef Gasteiger.
Explore the intersection of ethics and AI in modern business. Dive into the challenges and solutions for integrating AI responsibly in product decisions.
Taking a closer look at all the benefits of in-house corporate academies and why they are the future of business learning & growth.

7 Hacks on How to Stand Out on LinkedIn

Unlock the full potential of your LinkedIn profile to raise awareness of your personal brand and company.

Consumer Trend Report 2023

Leverage emerging consumer trends in 2023 and get inspired by real trend-driven innovations.

The 7 Building Blocks of Intrapreneurship Programs

To help you design your next successful program. And the ones after that.
Eine gelebte Innovationskultur ist eine treibende Kraft für Unternehmenserfolg. Im Webinar zeigen wir, welche Ansätze und Best Practices es gibt, um Innovationsmethoden und -kompetenzen zu verankern.
October 5, 2023
75% of searchers start their search on Google – no better place to reach them! In this webinar, we will show you not only the basics of Google Ads, but also tips and trips, hacks and best practices to grow your business.
September 22, 2023
If you’re a CTO or a product owner, join us as we go through an entire prototyping journey from start to finish. Learn the newest approaches, ask our experts questions and find out how to apply it all to your product! And most importantly, why it’s a step in product development, that should never be skipped.
August 4, 2023

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Kickstart your innovation process by looking into trends, opportunities as well as evaluating existing problems. The main goal in this phase is to have plenty of ideas ready that lead the path for defining a value proposition in the next phase.

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